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“Gotcha!mall” makes inroads into South East Asia. Launches its services in Thailand

Forms partnership with Thailand’s leading conglomerates. Over 1,500 stores including FamilyMart, Lawson, and TOPS join “Gotcha!mall”.

September 4, 2018

Grand Design Co., Ltd.
transcosmos inc.

Grand Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Kazuya Ogawa), transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda), and transcosmos(Thailand) Co., Ltd.(Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand; Managing Director: Kiyonori Takechi)are delighted to announce that “Gotcha!mall”, a platform that connects consumers with stores and brands developed and operated by Grand Design, has launched its operations in Thailand as the first step towards expansion into the South Asian market.

The companies formed partnerships with Thailand’s influential conglomerates and successfully made a total of over 1,500 stores join Thailand’s “Gotcha!mall” that include convenience stores “FamilyMart” and “Lawson” and supermarket “TOPS”. The companies plan to expand the network in Thailand and will drive “Gotcha!mall” business across Asia following Japan and Taiwan.

Gotch!mall Thailand FamilyMart LAWSON108 Tops TOKYU 24Shopping etc.

Satisfying the needs of Thailand’s local consumers whilst leveraging service operations know-how and marketing technology the companies have built in Japan, Grand Design, transcosmos, and transcosmos (Thailand) will offer Gotcha!mall which is localized specifically for Thailand, a country which the companies have positioned as a core of the ASEAN market.

Initially, “Gotcha!mall” will launch with a total of over 1,500 stores that include over 1,000 “FamilyMart” stores operated by Thailand’s largest retail conglomerate “Central Group”, the leading supermarket chain “TOPS”, “Lawson” operated by Thailand’s top consumer goods conglomerate “Saha Group”, “24-Shopping” operated by “CP Group”, Thailand’s giant food conglomerate which has now diversified its business into financial and insurance industries, “Tokyu Department Store”, restaurants, cafes, fitness gyms, and more.

Running collaborative marketing promotions with Thailand’s leading conglomerates, “Gotcha!mall” for Thailand aims to win 3 million users by the end of March 2020. “Gotcha!mall” for Thailand will support ever-growing inbound shopping demands for Japan as well as connecting and attracting Asian users to stores across the borders.

“Gotcha!mall” Thailand

Visit “Gotcha!mall” Thailand here: https://th.gotchamall.com/

Gotch!mall QR code

Gotch!mall Thailand image

About “Gotcha!mall”

“Gotcha!mall” is a smartphone-based platform which connects consumers with stores and brands, developed and operated by Grand Design (business model patent). After getting free “Gotcha!Coin”, users can play the virtual capsule toy machines of popular stores and famous brands with the coins. With the power of its proprietary algorithms which uses artificial intelligence, Gotcha!mall offers personalized coupons (incentive) that best suit each individual consumer.

Visit “Gotcha!mall” here: https://jp.gotchamall.com/

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