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At “Project: Discover the NextGen Influencers,” co-launched by transcosmos and C Channel, ~MIKAKO~ wins the first Grand Prix award, becoming a transcosmos exclusive creator

As a sophisticated trend-savvy “NextGen Influencer,” ~MIKAKO~ will take part in campaign planning and creative development for businesses

September 24, 2019

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) has announced the winners of the first “Project: Discover the NextGen Influencers,” a project transcosmos has co-launched with C Channel Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Akira Morikawa; C Channel), the operator of a video fashion media for women “C CHANNEL.” After holding an audition and selecting the future influencer hopefuls, transcosmos has named ~MIKAKO~ the grand prix winner and Yuri Inose the runner-up.
The grand prix winner ~MIKAKO~ will participate in planning SNS marketing campaigns, producing creative content and more, primarily for C CHANNEL and Instagram, as a transcosmos exclusive creator. With her fresh perspective that only the hopeful “NextGen Influencer” can provide, ~MIKAKO~ will help clients’ marketing activities together with transcosmos and C Channel.

Tomoya Noda, Feeyong, ~MIKAKO~, Akira MorikawaFrom left; Tomoya Noda, Manager of Platform Strategy Department, Digital Transformation Division, DEC Headquarters at transcosmos inc.
Feeyong, a C CHANNEL Official Clipper (or influencer), ~MIKAKO~ the Grand Prix winner, Akira Morikawa, President at C Channel Corporation

“Project: Discover the NextGen Influencers”

A project transcosmos co-launched with C Channel in June 2019. Through this project, the two companies aim to discover “the NextGen Influencers,” future stars on social platforms that include C CHANNEL, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more via an audition app “mysta” by mysta Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Akira Morikawa; mysta), a group company of C Channel. transcosmos and C Channel will help the winners take the first step on their journey towards being successful influencers, offering various opportunities for the winners to showcase their talents.

At this first audition, ~MIKAKO~ earned the grand prix and Yuri Inose the second prize as “the NextGen Influencers” for achieving high screening criteria. The grand prix winner ~MIKAKO~ will become a member of C Channel and participate in SNS marketing promotions, primarily on C CHANNEL and Instagram, as a transcosmos exclusive creator, planning campaigns and producing creative content.

With the power of sophisticated trend-savvy “NextGen Influencers,” transcosmos and C Channel will create and offer content that resonates with, and influences users, thereby helping clients convey the true value of their products and services to users as well as boosting their brand affinity whilst maximizing their influencer marketing results.

The runner-up Yuri Inose will showcase her talent as a C CHANNEL Official Clipper (*).
(*) A C CHANNE certified video influencer.

Winner prizes offered by sponsors

In addition to the above, the corporate sponsors, namely, “tutu anna,” “LOVE PASSPORT,” “Yokohama FC,” “New Balance,” and “HP Japan” will offer the winners the various opportunities listed below. Building on these activities as their first step to becoming “the NextGen Influencers,” transcosmos and C Channel will continue to develop the winners and help their future activities.

<Winner Prizes> (please note that the prizes are subject to change without prior notice)

Legwear & Underwear brand
tutu anna
Disseminate ideas of socks outfit via SNS and owned-media, feature in Instagram live videos, co-develop products, feature in POP ads in 260 stores nationwide, etc.
Fragrance brand
Disseminate information via SNS and owned-media, be the brand’s official supporter, etc.
Professional soccer club
Yokohama FC
Feature in owned-media and act as a stadium reporter during 2020 season as an ambassador of the year (invitation to home games), etc.
Sports brand
New Balance
Entitled to an entry ticket to “Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2020” as a C CHANNEL representative
New Balance provides a full-support from training phase to the race, and shares updates via C CHANNEL and New Balance official Twitter and Instagram.
PC manufacturing bran
HP Japan
HP Printer Ambassador
Promotional activities for “HP Sprocket,” a pocket-sized mini photo printer designed exclusively for smartphones, feature as a model on HP Sprocket page currently on Rakuten Ichiba (Rakuten Market)
  1. tutu anna logo
  3. Yokohama FC logo
  4. New Balance logo
  5. HP Japan logo

Winners of the first “Project: Discover the NextGen Influencers”

Below are the two “NextGen Influencers” selected as the first audition winners of this project. The winners were officially announced at a special stage during “SUPER C CHANNEL 2019,” an experiential user event by C Channel held on September 21 and 22 (Sun), 2019.

~MIKAKO~, Yuri Inose

transcosmos will enhance its marketing strategies centered not around “things” but “people,” with a primary focus on social media marketing. This project is part of its efforts towards achieving that goal. With the aim of offering a higher quality content than ever before, transcosmos will collaborate with its exclusive creators in diverse fields from creating video and photo content to producing music.

About C CHANNEL (URL: https://en.cchan.tv/)

Offering videos that answer “everything women want to know,” C CHANNEL is the most popular video media among women in their 10s and 20s. C CHANNEL shoots, creates short and easy-to-watch vertical videos with clippers (popular models on famous magazines, popular bloggers, nail artists, popular beauticians, influencers and more), and posts the videos to an audience around the globe. Its number of fans with official accounts surpassed about 6 million on LINE, 14 million on Facebook, 4 million on Instagram, 400 thousands on Twitter, and 750 thousands on YouTube.

About “mysta,” an audition app that lets users support future stars (URL (Japanese only): https://www.mysta.tv/)

“mysta” is a service that enables users to enjoy videos posted by its casts. Its diverse casts include general posters, rising pop-idols, vocalists, models and celebrities. Audiences can also enjoy communicating with the casts. What’s more, users can support their favorite casts by putting points to their videos. The videos with higher points will be ranked highly on mysta ranking and ultimately, top-ranked casts can receive various prizes by “mysta” including opportunities to showcase their talent.

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