transcosmos offers “Robotics Marketing for RoBoHoN” to Aoyama Trading

Delivers new customer experience and more customer friendly services by deploying RoBoHoN in their “THE SUIT COMPANY LaLa terrace Musashikosugi store”

January 29, 2020

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) has offered “Robotics Marketing for RoBoHoN” to AOYAMA TRADING Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima, Japan; President and Representative Director: Osamu Aoyama; Aoyama Trading). On Thursday January 30, 2020, Aoyama Trading will reopen “THE SUIT COMPANY LaLa terrace Musashikosugi store,” one of its stores that operates under their “THE SUIT COMPANY” brand, as a new concept store that is designed to satisfy ever-diversifying needs for business attire, in particular among people in their 20s and 30s. In the store, RoBoHoN, a communication robot, will introduce “Digital Lab,” a service by Aoyama Trading, help customers register for “THE SUIT COMPANY MEMBERSHIP,” whilst receiving customer feedback.


To the renovated store, Aoyama Trading has installed four large-size touch panel digital signages that are connected to their e-commerce website. Via these signages, customers can not only choose items that match their taste from a large selection of products available on the company’s e-commerce website but also view life-size image of the items which enables customers to get a better idea of how they look in them. With such signages in place, Aoyama Trading will offer customers highly effective and customer friendly shopping experience.

In addition, Aoyama Trading will deploy “RoBoHoN,” a small and portable robot-shaped phone to two locations in the store, namely, at the store entrance and the cash register. transcosmos will offer “Robotics Marketing for RoBoHoN” to the two RoBoHoNs in order to enable the RoBoHoNs to introduce the “Digital Lab” service using the signages and assist customers in member registration process for “THE SUIT COMPANY APPS.” Moreover, transcosmos will analyze customer services offered by RoBoHoNs and customer feedback that RoBoHoNs receive. By leveraging such data, transcosmos will let Aoyama Trading further enhance their store operations and run more successful marketing campaigns than ever.

“Robotics Marketing” enables businesses to accumulate and leverage offline customer data obtained through robots and utilize the data for customer services offered via other customer service channels. What’s more, in combination with transcosmos’s diverse services that include data collection and prediction with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), and various APIs and DMPs, the service comprehensively helps clients succeed in their marketing activities.

【Reference】 About RoBoHoN
RoBoHoN is a “small and portable robot-shaped phone” developed by Sharp Corporation. This humanoid robot can walk on its own two legs and is compact enough (approx. 19.5 cm tall) to be carried almost anywhere.

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