transcosmos assists meeth, a brand that sells “MORERICH PACK,” in winning the top beauty award in Taiwan with its marketing services

With its total marketing services in Taiwan, transcosmos serves meeth in receiving the beauty award

November 4, 2020

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) is delighted to announce that transcosmos Taiwan inc. (Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan; General Manager: Shunsuke Matsuda; transcosmos Taiwan), its wholly-owned subsidiary, has assisted meeth inc., Ltd. in winning a beauty award presented by a Taiwanese media company with its marketing services.


On September 1, 2020, “女人我最大 Woman Queen,” Taiwan’s popular TV program that introduces the latest cosmetics and fashion items, announced the winners of its “粉美賞Beauty Award.” The award is known as the Academy Award in Taiwan’s beauty industry to which brands from Europe, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, as well as from Japan make their entry. This year, “MORERICH PACK,” the signature product of meeth won a top award under the moisturizer category.

By offering end-to-end marketing services that include developing sales strategy, running marketing campaigns on TV, magazines and websites, executing influencer marketing initiatives, and operating SNS accounts, transcosmos Taiwan has been serving meeth in boosting their brand recognition and expanding sales.

“We greatly appreciate 女人我最大Woman Queen for choosing us as a winner of the 粉美賞beauty award. We also would like to thank our Taiwanese customers for always using meeth’s MORERICH PACK,” Sonmi, the president of meeth co., Ltd. said. “We have launched meeth brand under the concept of “Beautiful Skin is the Best Jewelry.” It is our honor to help women, not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, make their skin more beautiful than ever.

We have huge trust in transcosmos Taiwan for always coming up with the right, data-driven proposals. We are happy with their services and plans that respect our requests, that have led us to a successful entry into the global market. Various new products are under development today, and we hope we can deliver diverse products in Taiwan going forward. We will continue to make excellent products with the aim of making meeth products loved by all customers regardless of their age and gender. In addition, we hope that we can permeate the excellence of meeth products and promote the right skin care routines across the globe, beyond Asia.”

In 2021, meeth co., Ltd. will start selling their products in the Taiwanese local market together with transcosmos Taiwan in order to enhance and expand their sales activities in the country. transcosmos Taiwan will provide meeth with its one-stop-shop services from developing and operating their e-commerce website, to operation, to logistics, on top of its total marketing services.

transcosmos aims to make meeth a familiar brand for many more consumers in Taiwan.


Award Ceremony Maho Ichimura, in charge of e-commerce integrated marketing, transcosmos Taiwan
<Award Ceremony>
Maho Ichimura, in charge of e-commerce integrated marketing, transcosmos Taiwan

Founded in September, 2016, transcosmos Taiwan has established its unique market position focusing on digital with both strong sales skills in e-commerce and branding capabilities. Today, the company provides clients with diverse services including e-commerce one-stop services, digital marketing and contact centers. transcosmos Taiwan will continue to provide marketing services that fit the Taiwanese market, thereby contributing to clients in boosting their brand recognition and expanding their e-commerce sales.

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