transcosmos develops “The Chat Live Master Certification”

Rolls out its proprietary internal certification program, a crystal of its expertise in chat operations

November 20, 2020

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has built “The Live Chat Master Certification,” its internal certification program specifically designed for chat operations. The program is built on the company’s proven records in operating chat services, and systematically incorporates all knowledge and skills required for chat services. Today, chat services have become one of the critical customer touchpoints for businesses. With the aim of developing employees equipped with expertise in chat operations, transcosmos will encourage all employees who deliver contact center services to obtain the certification with a goal of developing 200 certified employees by the end of the fiscal year 2020, and 1,000 by the end of fiscal year 2021. Ultimately, transcosmos will make all employees who are currently responsible for chat operations obtain the certification. transcosmos will “boost customer satisfaction” by making certified members offer chat services, as well as “generating high-quality customer experience (CX)” together with clients.

The Chat Live Master Certification

In developing The Live Chat Master Certification program, transcosmos first created a body of knowledge and skills required for both chat services and management, and then set criteria for each role. With The Live Chat Master Certification program, transcosmos evaluates and certifies employees who have certain levels of expertise and skills. There are two types of certifications, namely, “Certified Specialist,” one to certify chat agents, and “Certified Consultant,” one to certify supervisors, each with a different set of requirements in terms of specialized knowledge and skills. The program not only assesses employees’ knowledge but also their practical skills.

Although there are other programs that grant certification for a specific chat tool, this is an unprecedented certification program that recognizes the required expertise and skills at contact centers for offering chat services as well as for overall management. Therefore, The Live Chat Master Certification has created a new, unique positioning in Japan (as of October, 2020).

■ Objectives

  • Evaluate practical chat operations expertise
    The program systematically covers required knowledge and skills for chat services, and sets proficiency levels for each role. Making certified members engage in customer service operations by using their expertise, not letting them get out of practice, transcosmos will boost “customer satisfaction” and “generate even greater CX”. For such reasons, this certification program contains many practical elements so that it can adequately assess employees’ expertise in chat operations that are required for each role.
  • Acquire body of knowledge and skills
    The certification program systematically includes versatile knowledge and skills that can be utilized at any centers. Given that the program covers knowledge and skills required for launching, operating and managing projects, employees can learn chat operations systematically. Certified employees not only can present their abilities for their current roles, but also utilize their skills gained through the program for offering chat services at other centers, and for increasing opportunities to scale the scope of services.
  • Continued learning
    Chat service technologies continue to change rapidly and drastically, making it difficult for any individual or a specific center to adopt to the change alone. The body of knowledge and skills that works as a framework will be updated as needed to keep up with the changing trends in technologies and management approach. Rather than finishing their learning process once they acquire specialized knowledge and skills through this certification program, employees can take in the latest skills and knowledge by continuously learning the changes.

■ Certification program overview

Certification program overview

This certification program is built on the international standard of testing called test standards, and objectively proves chat service expertise. In developing the certification program, transcosmos has received advice and guidance from Mr. Tetsuri Sawada, who has taken part in developing certification programs in the call center industry and written texts on a skill system and five other certification programs as an editor-in-chief, “Primeforce Inc.,” a company led by the founder Yuko Omatsu, and “Learning Architecture Laboratory, Inc.,” a company that has engaged in the development of education systems for the government and affiliated organizations, schools and businesses, and in building programs for certification exams and qualification exams. With the aim of encouraging many more members who are involved in the contact center industry to participate in this program, transcosmos will work on creating an environment that enables them to take the company’s certification exam.

Certification program built on international standards:Test Standard

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