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Call Center Services

  • Strategic and Equity Partnership with 「VAIMO」For inquiries via E-mail
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, Microsoft Japan
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, BANDAI (SHENZHEN)
  • Cost Reduction, Case Study, Nestlé
  • Cost Reduction, Case Study, Fuji Dream Airlines
  • Prompt establishment of a call center for emergency situations such as “recalls” and “information leakage”

Call Center is a vital communication hub that connects your business and your customers.
We support your improvement of customer experience and operational/cost efficiency by making full use of today’s IT to your call center.

By using our wealth of knowledge based on many years of wide experience, we offer you tailor-made Inbound/Outbound Services for each of our clients that are specifically fit for their business needs and challenges.

We offer traditional Inbound Services such as: answering to inquiries from multi-channel sources (via calls, faxes, websites, emails) on merchandises, technical issues or fulfillment of informational materials and order-taking customer service for mail-order shopping.

By utilizing the fullest extent of our knowledge based on VOC analysis through Inbound Services, we also offer very powerful and unique Outbound Services for creating business chances and fostering relationships with your customers.

Our contact center solutions powerfully support your business communication with customers.

Call Center Services

  • Inbound Service
  • Outbound Service
  • Sales Marketing Service
  • Back-office Support Service
  • Social CRM Support Service
  • Non-voice Support Service
  • Knowledge Management Service
  • Consulting Service
  • Industry and Operation Domain-specific Service

Case Study: Microsoft Japan

Microsoft Surface Twitter Operation Support Followers Doubled! Engagement rate increased by 5 times!

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Total support of TMALL launch 150% monthly sales expansion for 3 consecutive months

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