transcosmos provides “meeth,” the skincare brand with one-stop shop services to help the brand launch its e-commerce business in the Taiwan local market

Offers diverse services including e-commerce website operations and total marketing for the Taiwan market

March 17, 2021

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that transcosmos Taiwan inc. (Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan; General Manager: Shunsuke Matsuda; transcosmos Taiwan), its wholly-owned subsidiary, has built and began operating an e-commerce website for meeth co., Ltd. (meeth), a website specifically designed for the Taiwanese market.

meeth e-commerce website for the Taiwanese market: https://meeth.com.tw/

Since February 2020, transcosmos Taiwan has been assisting meeth in cross-border selling and marketing of the company’s skincare products. Whilst selling the products across the border for about one year, they have received many requests from Taiwanese customers to sell the products in the Taiwan local market. In order to achieve faster delivery and offer customer support services that best fit the needs of the Taiwanese customers, transcosmos Taiwan and meeth opened the e-commerce website specifically designed for the Taiwanese market on January 18, 2021.

A variety of popular products are available on the e-commerce website including “MORERICH PACK,” meeth’s signature product which won the grand prize under the moisture product category in the 2020 cosmetics award (“粉美賞 Beauty Award” hosted by “女人我最大 Woman Queen,” Taiwan’s popular TV program that introduces the latest cosmetics and fashion items), “MORERICH ESSENTIAL LOTION,” a popular product among Taiwanese customers, and “F BRIGHT UV BASE,” a must-have item for the coming season. The website has been highly received with many Taiwanese customers shopping immediately after the opening. With the aim of drawing more customers to the e-commerce website, transcosmos Taiwan and meeth are planning to start an additional feature for subscription service.

“It has been a year since we ventured into the global market with the help of transcosmos,” Sonmi, the president of meeth co, Ltd. said. “During the past year, we gradually gained our brand awareness and fans, and now we have successfully launched our e-commerce website specifically for the Taiwanese market. We want many Taiwanese people to acknowledge the “made in Japan” products that are fully committed to quality. I would like to thank transcosmos for their continued assistance for our success.”

transcosmos Taiwan offers end-to-end services to help meeth operate in Taiwan from building and operating its e-commerce website, to connecting payment and logistics arrangements, to customer services, to marketing promotions. With the aim of enhancing and expanding sales in Taiwan even more, transcosmos Taiwan will continue to work together with meeth.



Founded in September, 2016, transcosmos Taiwan has established its unique market position focusing on digital with both strong sales skills in e-commerce and branding capabilities. Today, the company provides clients with diverse services including e-commerce one-stop services, digital marketing and contact centers. transcosmos Taiwan will continue to provide marketing services that fit the Taiwanese market, thereby contributing to clients in boosting their brand recognition and expanding their e-commerce sales.

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