Marketing support features come standard on transcosmos proprietary SaaS CMS, DEC CMS, a digital marketing platform

Equipped with features for testing content and access analysis, DEC CMS powerfully helps companies succeed in their digital marketing initiatives

June 21, 2021

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has deployed and released three new marketing support features on “DEC CMS,” its proprietary SaaS CMS. The three features are, “AB testing” to validate the performance of content, “marketing campaign management,” and “marketing campaign access analysis.” The DEC CMS is a multilingual CMS powered by “Acquia,” a platform built on “Drupal,” the open source CMS used across the world.

■ DEC CMS overview

  • DEC CMS is powered by “Drupal,” the CMS used across the world.
  • Being a multilingual CMS, DEC CMS enables brands to create web pages regardless of the language.
  • With its multi-site management feature, DEC CMS centrally manages a variety of content and images used on a brand website.
  • Websites, digital signage, car navigation systems, and more, the CMS delivers content to multiple channels.

It is critical for businesses to swiftly execute their digital marketing initiatives responding to customers’ and markets’ changing needs. With the new features that transcosmos have just released, clients can execute their digital marketing initiatives from creating and testing content, to measuring marketing performance, to improving content simply by configuring settings. So far, many businesses had to use different tools for each marketing initiative, which means they had to manage content dispersed across channels. Now, with DEC CMS, clients can execute marketing initiatives efficiently and effectively, and manage content that match user characteristics and preferences rapidly on a single platform.

DEC CMS overview

■ Additional standard features

● AB testing
You can test and compare the performance of different variations of a piece of content by changing the content and adjusting the test ratio for parameters, user agents (UA), devices, and other targets.

● Marketing campaign management
By setting different display patterns with a combination of parameters and content (image, link text, destination URL, etc.), you can show a different set of contents to users who have accessed the URLs with parameters.

● Marketing campaign access analysis
<Set up conversion action sets>
You can set actions that you want your users to take as conversion action sets.
<Performance measurement & Reporting>
You can measure and view impressions, clicks, click rate, conversions, and conversion rate on the report views.
* Please note that you need a Google Analytics account to use this feature.

Additional standard features

DEC CMS is deployed and used by many clients, and empowers clients by enabling them to manage content and execute marketing initiatives with its abundant features. With the aim of helping clients develop and execute effective digital marketing initiatives, transcosmos will continue to add and enhance DEC CMS features as a digital marketing solution, and offer solutions to various challenges in managing content.

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