transcosmos releases “LINE Official Account 100% Utilization Diagnostics” service

Assesses LINE Official Account utilization rate with six proprietary indicators, and helps businesses solve their challenges and operate their accounts more effectively than ever before

July 15, 2021

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company will begin offering “LINE Official Account 100% Utilization Diagnostics” service. Leveraging its abundant service records in implementing and operating LINE Official Accounts for about 200 clients and 250 accounts, transcosmos assesses how clients are utilizing their LINE Official Account based on its proprietary performance indicators, and presents tips that help clients reach 100% LINE Official Account utilization.

Are you utilizing 100% of your LINE official Account?

Today, LINE has become a critical customer touchpoint for clients, and a platform that makes or breaks user satisfaction and usability. Yet, only a few businesses are keeping up with its various features that continue to be upgraded on a daily basis, or grasping trends in messaging and timeline posts, thereby making the most of their LINE Official Accounts.

With this service, transcosmos analysts, the experts in LINE Official Account planning, assess the utilization level of clients’ and their competitors’ LINE Official Accounts with six proprietary indicators, such as the use of latest features, consistency with market trends, and user operatability/benefits. Based on the findings, transcosmos will present a report, which includes success stories and best practices from other companies, in addition to identified challenges and tips for improvements.

After presenting the report, transcosmos can also make a specific proposal for improvement as an optional service. In line with the report findings, transcosmos will offer account operations services performed by members certified with the “LINE Official Account Basic” under the LINE Green Badge Program, make proposals for plan/solutions that leverage LINE features as a certified “Planning Partner” under the LINE Biz Partner Program, offer the transcosmos proprietary AI-powered performance prediction platform that enables effective messaging, and more. Ultimately, transcosmos thoroughly help clients utilize 100% of their LINE Official Accounts.

■ Service flow from survey to reporting

  1. 1. Specify your LINE Official Account and that of competitor’s for survey
    * The service price covers assessments for three accounts; your own account (one account), competitor’s account, and a company with best practices. (Please contact us if you wish to include more than three accounts.) If you do not have any specific request, we will propose which company’s LINE Official Account to include in the survey.
  2. 2. transcosmos analysts conduct survey (about two weeks)
  3. 3. transcosmos issues a report which shows the results of diagnosis
  4. 4. transcosmos presents a more specific proposal for solving your current challenge such as a plan to improve operations and connecting your LINE Official Account to other systems based on the report as an optional service.

■ Survey reporting (for illustration purposes only)

Survey reporting

■ Pricing

15,000 yen/survey on 3 accounts

transcosmos continues to help clients across a broad range of industries make the most of LINE-related services, building on its proven record in development, implementation and operations of LINE-related services.

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