transcosmos and Jasmy co-develop an application, a solution for home-based contact centers to overcome Security and Agent Management challenges

Ensures secure management by controlling data with the power of blockchain technology

April 18, 2022

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has co-developed an application Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Center with Jasmy Incorporated (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Kazumasa Sato). The application works as a comprehensive solution to address challenges in operating home-based contact centers that have increased given the rapid spread of telework. Putting in place a framework that ensures a high level of agents’ work performance regardless of their work locations, and securer management features as a standard, Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Centers delivers outstanding home-based contact center services.

【Dashboard – PC operating status & agent performance data】

Visualize at-home
agent working status

・Daily operating status


Security measures
・Device operating status
・Command control
・PC operational log

The Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Centers is built on transcosmos’s proven experience in operating contact centers, as well as its know-how in managing home-based contact centers with roughly 3,000 workstations - one of the largest home-based contact center networks in Japan. In addition, the application is designed from a contact center management perspective that only contact center players can offer, and it also comes with security monitoring features. With this application, contact centers can smoothly shift to home-based centers whilst seamlessly managing both home-based and center operations.

■ Key features

(1) Solution to visually check at-home agent operating status and performance The application automatically collects operational data of each agent’s device as well as agents’ work performance, and then presents the data on a dashboard.
This not only makes it easier for supervisors to confirm how at-home agents work but also enables them to make a fair performance evaluation. The application also enables supervisors to encourage agents to enhance their operational performance by providing quantitative data based on a performance analysis conducted on various data points including time on search page and apps and key stroke count.

(2) Address security concerns related to remote working (working from home, etc.) In addition to network access control, the application has various security measures, such as sending an alert on overtime, controlling PCs by sending commands from the system administrator’s device to each agent’s device at a contingency event, tracking PC operational log, centrally managing software update, and more. The application helps supervisors to drastically accelerate time spent on security management tasks for personnel management such as agent management and performance monitoring, resulting in less man-hours for management.

By applying a decentralizing data management approach using blockchain to data collected and accumulated from each device, device operational log, user authentication data, and all other confidential information will be handled securely as hushed data. As a result, the application ensures credibility of data.

【User device overview】

Device list per user
・Operating status
・Device information
・Send command


transcosmos and Jasmy launched a technical verification pilot program on Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Centers in 2021. Today, the application is already up and running on about 300 workstations on a trial basis, and is successfully demonstrating its ability in managing agents and addressing security challenges. With the aim of providing a secure and reliable home-based contact center environment for clients, transcosmos will continue to install and use the application as a standard feature for home-based contact center operations.

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