transcosmos adds Insight BI, a dashboard to further drive its TCI-DX services

Helps businesses optimize CX by integrating data across the journey from customer service to marketing

January 13, 2023

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) hereby announces that the company has added the Insight BI feature to the TCI-DX services to further accelerate clients’ digital transformation. Insight BI is a transcosmos proprietary dashboard that helps optimize customer experience (CX). The new feature enables clients to execute initiatives towards achieving an end-to-end CX optimization by integrating and visualizing all customer data across the entire customer journey.

■ Service delivery framework (for illustration purposes only)

Service delivery framework

1. Insight BI service overview & purpose
Insight BI is an unrivalled dashboard that automatically integrates various operational data that emerge at customer touchpoints throughout the customer journey, including web and social media behavioral data, and call and chat inquiries.
With this service, businesses can centralize VoC across all channels, and capture and analyze the true voice of the customers of all ages comprehensively. This way, businesses can apply the findings to make their products and websites even better, as well as run more appealing online campaigns quicker than ever before. In addition, by centrally managing KPIs set for each channel with a focus on customer experience, costs and profits, the service helps businesses optimize CX.

transcosmos has been advocating the importance and effectiveness of managing all customer-facing channels centrally. Yet, in many cases, contact centers and websites are managed by different departments, making channel integration a time-consuming process. A feature which can check data across departments is a must to drive an end-to-end optimization via an integrated operational approach. Recognizing this, transcosmos has developed and implemented Insight BI, a feature that readily integrates and visualizes communication logs generated via each channel as well as website behavioral data, and manages progress.

■ TCI-DX Services Overview

TCI-DX Services Overview

2. Client case study
transcosmos launched a joint-initiative with the Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; President: Toshio Tsuchiya; JCCU) in April 2022.

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transcosmos offers JCCU multiple customer service channels including phone calls, AI voice, chat, FAQ pages, and more. With the goal of optimizing communication with each JCCU member via such channels, transcosmos and JCCU are working on making customer service operations even better every day. However, it is not easy to collect, analyze and integrate data generated at multiple channels, and this is posing a challenge to routinely execute improvement plans from a cross-channel perspective. To deliver an ideal CX that JCCU and transcosmos envision, the two parties must analyze KPIs set for each task across all channels, then rapidly identify the root causes of the problems based on the overall trends of the customer journey, and run the PDCA cycle to make improvements without fail.

After removing customer personal information, transcosmos integrates both quantitative (number of inquiries, page views, etc.) and qualitative data (VoC, etc.) generated from interactions via call, chat, social media platforms and FAQ pages into Insight BI. With Insight BI, transcosmos not only creates a report automatically which results in 70% reduction in man-hours, but also carries out initiatives that go across all channels and makes a better customer inquiry flow. Ultimately, transcosmos serves JCCU in optimizing call volumes and powerfully accelerating initiatives toward delivering the ideal CX.

3. Client comment
“transcosmos offers us many services including call, chat, AI voice, and FAQ pages. We are confident that Insight BI, which integrates all such channels, will become the key success factor for making improvements and offering a greater CX,” said Yasutaka Sato, Manager Gift Dept., JCCU. “Insight BI is a powerful tool for us to come up with next actions to take by visually presenting the current user flows, various trends, and suggestions for improvements. Let’s continue working together towards offering a greater CX to the members of JCCU.”

4. Future plans
Together with JCCU, transcosmos will continue to validate the effectiveness of Insight BI not only in enhancing operations but also in improving customer feedback and increasing their loyalty.

Building on its unrivalled strength in offering services that stretch across the contact center area to digital marketing, transcosmos will further drive TCI-DX services, thereby helping clients expand sales and optimize costs.

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