transcosmos will open a new center in the office tower of Nagasaki Stadium City

In three years, plans to hire about 400 people including IT talent who will drive its BPO-DX combined services

January 26, 2023

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) hereby announces that the company will open a new center in the office tower in Nagasaki Stadium City, which is scheduled to open in 2024.

Nagasaki Stadium City Project Overview
Nagasaki Stadium City Project Overview
* Still at the conceptual phase. Overall design, etc. are subject to change. Image credit: Japanet Holdings Co.,Ltd.

transcosmos Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services business offers a wide range of services that underpin clients’ business foundations from end-to-end by combining BPO and Digital Transformation (DX) solutions. The new center will become a flagship center for the BPO-DX services for transcosmos to further reinforce its business. At the center, transcosmos not only aims to utilize DX to boost operational productivity but also to perform AI research and development. In three years after the planned opening in 2024, transcosmos will employ about 400 people including IT talent. The center will also drive the company’s initiative for offering diverse workstyles with workstations designed both for the real and virtual world.

transcosmos has already opened three centers in Nagasaki prefecture, making the new one the fourth operational base. To create a new workstyle for the future, transcosmos will consider offering workcation programs to enhance employee wellbeing. At the same time, the company will also plan a workcation program in Goto city, Nagasaki prefecture with an eye on opening business locations on remote islands in the future. Supporting the Nagasaki Stadium City Project, a project promoted by Japanet Holdings Co.,Ltd. transcosmos has decided to open its center in the office tower of the stadium city.

transcosmos will continue to offer services that underpin clients’ business transformation while contributing to the revitalization and development of local communities by creating more job opportunities and driving new ways of working.

transcosmos has received the following comments on its planned opening.

Kengo Oishi, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture
transcosmos inc. has announced that the company will open a new center, a flagship center that will offer BPO-DX combined services, in the office tower of Nagasaki Stadium City. I understand that the company plans to employ 400 people including IT talent for the center. We are grateful for transcosmos creating job opportunities for so many people. This will build a momentum in the young generations to stay and work in our prefecture, and also make local young people come back here from other cities to work as well as inviting people from other places to work in our prefecture. We recognize that the new center will work on AI research and development in addition to leveraging DX. We look forward to seeing new business collaboration with Nagasaki University, which announced earlier that it will open the Graduate School of Information and Data Science, a new graduate school that the university plans to establish, in the office tower. We also received a plan for workcation at Goto city, a program for exploring the opportunity to open new business locations in the future. We believe a plan like this will become a new standard for the remote island area in inviting businesses. Working as one with local governments including Nagasaki and Goto city, as well as all related institutions, we will continue to support transcosmos in growing together with our communities through its successful business operations.

Tomihisa Taue, Mayor of Nagasaki City
We sincerely thank transcosmos inc. and all related parties for your decision to open your third service location in Nagasaki city. At the same time, we would also like to express our respect for your success to date in Nagasaki. Given the challenges such as the impact of COVID-19 crisis, cost increases and a labor shortage, we believe the new center with highly specialized BPO services built on DX will meet the demand of local businesses that are working on boosting productivity and competitive strengths. We also expect the new location to help develop the IT talent that our communities need. transcosmos inc. opened the BPO Center Nagasaki in 2015, followed by the second center, the BPO Center Nagasaki Chuo in 2020. Today, the company employs nearly 900 people altogether, contributing to the development of the local economy. Working with related institutions, Nagasaki city will offer its support so that many Nagasaki residents can be hired and business operations can be conducted smoothly in the new, engaging center with diverse workstyle options to be located in the Nagasaki Stadium City. We wish transcosmos inc. continued success and all the best for all related parties.

Akito Takata, President and CEO, Japanet Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Thank you for your commitment in opening a center in the office tower of the Nagasaki Stadium City Project. With the aim of making the office tower offer new ways of work worthy of one of the largest office buildings for rent in Nagasaki prefecture, we are continuously drawing up ideas such as creating workspaces that will boost worker productivity, reducing rentable space by offering a varieties of common spaces including meeting rooms for rent, common lounge, and more. We are sincerely grateful for transcosmos for choosing Nagasaki Stadium City as its fourth office location in Nagasaki prefecture recognizing that our concept – an office that offers new ways of work – fits with transcosmos’s philosophy – pursuit for business transformation. Nagasaki University has also decided to open the Graduate School of Information and Data Sciences, which the university plans to establish in the fiscal year 2024, in the office tower. We are excited to see Nagasaki liven up more than ever through business-students interactions. To contribute to transcosmos in delivering a BPO-DX flagship center and achieving continued growth, we will offer support from both facility and operational perspectives.

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