Improved efficiency of the administrative processing along with Fire Insurance System revision and securing quality for over-the-telephone customer service


  • Optimized the process by combining duties from reception of the confirmation documents to making phone calls to resolve issues, based on the platform
  • Smoothly resolved issues and reduced the number of errors by sharing the confirmation document image with the call center
  • Improved customer satisfaction utilizing customer service know how from the customers’ viewpoint

By having “administrative” and “call center” business divisions, which tend to operate separately, cooperate with each other and had them respond to the Co-operative union members respectfully and thoroughly.

The duties pertaining to the revision of the systems for Fire and Natural Disaster Insurance plans, which we asked transcosmos to take on, were the first experience for us as well, and initially there were many difficult inquiries such as various specifications regarding building structures and expertise contents, which even we could not answer off hand.

However, transcosmos understood the details of the systems, researched what was unclear, and responded with care; also, with many senior citizens making inquiries, transcosmos accommodated them respectfully, for which we received letters and comments of appreciation.

In addition, through process management utilizing transcosmos’ systems and with the business cooperation mechanism provided, we were able to have transcosmos mechanically process a vast number of documents including personal information and respond without any omission or loss.

By having transcosmos respond comprehensively with the needs of the Co-operative union members as the top priority, and with the administrative and call center personnel in cooperation with each other, the end result was a better service for our members.

National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Co-operatives Corporation Reika Hakoda

Reika Hakoda
Deputy manager
Quality Control Department
National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance

* The information pertaining to the listed titles is as off June 2019, at the time this interview was held

Verified building structure classifications for approximately 4.42 million transactions along with the revision of the Fire Co-operative Mutual Aid Insurance System

National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Co-operatives (hereafter, Kokuminkyosai coop) engages in insurance business in order to protect the members’ lives and to create an enriched society as a co-operative for insurance protection which is not for profit.

Kokuminkyosai coop, having celebrated its 60th anniversary of starting fire insurance business in December 2014, conducted a revision of the systems for Fire and Natural Disaster Mutual Aid Insurance in February 2015, in order to respond to the requests from the co-operative union members based on the experience from Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. For that reason, it was decided that the structure classifications applicable for the systems revision needed to verified beforehand with the co-operative union members.

Within a year up to the system revision, receiving the verification forms for building structure classifications (hereafter, “verification forms”) and verification forms regarding architecture, administrative processing such as systems registration, and telephone reception for inquiries and resolving issues needed to be handled smoothly without any security issues. A large volume of administrative processing with various kinds of ledgers requires transfer of the original ledgers for every step of the processing; therefore, management becomes cumbersome, with a high risk of loss and confusion, with a concern for discrepancies during conversations with the Co-operative union members at the time of telephone calls, unless the original ledgers are pulled up so that the contents could be verified.

Kokuminkyosai coop, in order to execute its duties pertaining to the systems revision for its members without delay, chose to delegate the task to transcosmos, which possesses abundant service experience.

Higher business efficiency and improved service quality with administrative and call center duties working in cooperation with each other

transcosmos located a specialized system for each duty and specialized team in order to attain higher efficiency in administrative processing and to secure quality in telephone calls. We designed a business process for the administrative and call center departments to cooperate with each other seamlessly and to increase the synergy effects.

As for administrative duties, mainly with management of the received documents, in order to make the series of processing management more efficient, transcosmos implemented its own work flow system “Flow Scope.” By imaging the data for the verification forms, we minimized transfer of the original of the ledgers, resolving the risk issues of loss and mix-up of the documents. By having overseas offices handle data entry, we reduced the costs and realized processing of the maximum of 20,000 transactions in one day.

In addition, in order to reduce the number of inspections for the confirmation forms, the systems automatically process verification of conformity between the recorded contents and attached documents and for omissions. With a wide array of attached documents, by minimizing irregular processing, accuracy and speed of the daily duties improved, and we enabled for data delivery and placing telephone calls to resolve flaws on the third business day after the arrival of the verification forms.

During the telephone operation duties, we implemented “Contact Link” in order to unify the customer response history. By having it link with “Flow Scope,” images of the verification forms, registered data, and information on the issues can be shared and can be verified during the telephone calls. It prevents discrepancies in communication with the co-operative union members and also reduces the time spent on the phone calls. Since sending and receiving of the information with the administrative process are possible, issues are smoothly resolved with one telephone call, and accuracy is also improved by adding a function which enables verification during the telephone calls.

Also, the telephone calls from and to the Co-operative union members are mostly with the elderly persons, we have prepared a manual specifically to accommodate the elderly members, and it is shared during the training process. Efforts are made not only to increase the volume but to be accurate and speak slowly, with the tone of voice and speaking speed adjusted, in order to improve the quality of the service.

This way, by combining the business process design to aim at the overall optimization of the project, operation know how, and the systems, both administrative and call center operation accuracy improve, resulting in zero cases of errors in receiving the verification forms and security-related issues, and we often receive thank you letters from the co-operative union members proving our contribution to the increased customer satisfaction.

Efficient, stable, and safe business operation support based on 50 years of business know how since establishment

Kokuminkyosai coop promotes improved services for its Co-operative union members by expanding Mutual Aid Co-operative Insurance business in order to make itself more helpful.

transcosmos takes maximum advantage of its business knowledge of 50 years since its establishment, as is exemplified by this endeavor, and it plans to continue contributing to realization of Kokuminkyosai coop’s new measures by actively proposing more efficient, safe, and secure business operation improvement measures.

Service provided to Kokuminkyosai coop

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