Deliver a new value of marketing via chat
Channel-integrated Communication Services

Through connecting clients and consumers via chat, transcosmos delivers one-stop support that ranges from “Digital Marketing,” to “E-Commerce,” to “Customer Care,” that are all aimed at realizing “full-channel communication,” an integrated communication concept that covers customer acquisition, purchase support, and after sales support.

“DECAds”, Channel-integrated Communication Services

Build engagement between consumers and clients

Strengthen communication

  • Solve users’ challenges and boost their interests in clients’ services by offering more valuable information on services that ads cannot deliver, via the right communication channel at the right time
  • Boost customer engagement by collecting and analyzing voice of consumers to optimize targeting accuracy as well as ad content

Improve return on ad media

Create a new value of ads

  • Further improve return on ad budget by maximizing the ads’ value through leading ad visitors to chat
  • Improve the efficiency of ad delivery by categorizing users’ chat responses in order to re-approach only the right users based on their category

Boost consumer recall, affinity, and appetite for the brand

Improve brand image

  • Increase brand recall, affinity, and motivate the users to take action by responding to chats
  • Evaluate the ads performance by comparing with regular banner ads, TV commercials, etc.

Leverage chat data

Connect data with our unique DMP

  • transcosmos’s DMP, “DECode” connects chat data with other various data to perform deep-dive customer analysis and reporting
  • Deep-dive analysis on aggregated data offers new findings that help clients develop new marketing initiatives

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