Platforms that connect online and offline
Omni-channel integrated platforms “Gotcha!mall” & “Quick Ticket”


Gotcha! mall logo

A platform which connects consumers with stores and brands.

Gotcha!mall, a shopping-mall style platform matches up consumers with stores and brands with the power of technology, invites consumers to stores via smartphones, and promotes them to shop and dine out.

Gotcha!mall Service

3 distinctive features

  • 1. Provides an easy-to-use touchpoint where non-regular customers keep coming back regularly. Having a diverse store network provides non-regular customers with touchpoints.
  • 2. Considering the needs and wishes of each individual consumer, Gotcha!mall motivates everyone to shop actively. Artificial Intelligence analyzes each individual’s various behavioral data and delivers incentives that best match each user’s specific attributes and situation.
  • 3. Gotcha!mall incentive-based pricing (pay-per-sale) is linked to store sales and profits. No initial or fixed monthly payments. Stores & brands can execute effective and economical sales promotions continuously. What’s more, they can control their total expense budget by setting the number of winning capsules.

With the power of AI and proprietary algorithms → Maximize ROI

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Quick Ticket

Quick Ticket logo

An “e-ticketing service” that builds smart stadium via LINE

The world’s most simple, user-friendly e-ticketing service that enables users to “issue tickets via LINE and enter a stadium with an e-stamp”. Just connect an existing ticketing system with Quick Ticket via an API to implement the service. Quick Ticket also offers various smart stadium solutions that let stadium visitors enjoy new game experiences by enabling real-time communication with visitors.

Quick Ticket  Service

4 distinctive features

  • 1. Easy to implement with existing ticketing system. Simple and easy to implement, just connect with the existing ticketing system via an API and add “Receive via LINE” to ticket delivery options.
  • 2. Easy to receive & prevent illegal resale. Users can receive and issue their tickets via LINE and emails very easily. Without any special apps, the service prevents illegal resale of tickets.
  • 3. Able to use together with paper-based tickets. Easy to welcome visitors at event sites. No special equipment or lane required to accept e-stamp users. Easy to use the service with a low workload at event sites.
  • 4. Enables continuous communication with event visitors. Quick Ticket enables clients to connect with visitors via LINE and other channels, and so, they can execute various CRM initiatives such as share information on programs that are available in and outside the event, promote revisits, and attract visitors to shop items.
    * transcosmos will propose related solutions together with this service.

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