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transcosmos is set to release “Non-voice Contact Center Package,” a dedicated customer inquiry service targeting the smartphone generation

Actively controls incoming calls and shifts the first customer service channel from call to chat in order to optimize costs

September 27, 2018

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) will launch “Non-voice Contact Center Package,” a customer service package targeting the so-called smartphone generation that prefers self-help (FAQ) and chat-based inquiry services that let them make inquiries at any time. The service is due to launch in late October 2018.

“Non-voice Contact Center Package” is a chat-based customer support service including FAQ creation/operations, bot building/operations, agent-based chat, and contact center services. With customer inquiries that require call-based support, one-time phone number will be issued for temporaly connecting a contact center after the FAQ and bot/agent-based chat supports.

Although call center operators try to streamline their operations by using non-voice support services, cost optimization remains a challenge due to the difficulty in controlling incoming call volumes as traditional contact center. Now, the “Non-voice Contact Center Package” enables the call center operators to actively control incoming calls and ultimately reduce costs whilst retaining customer satisfaction. transcosmos believes the service will be highly valuable for companies that offer services targeting the smartphone generation and for supporting inquiries during marketing campaigns and promotions.

Non-voice Contact Center Package Overview

Non-voice Contact Center Package Overview

Non-voice Contact Center Package Key Features

Feature (1): Create a maximum of 200 essential FAQs based on call log analysis.
Feature (2): Build bots that auto-reply to complex inquiries requiring to be categorized and confirmed by conditions.
Feature (3): Issue a one-time phone number that customers can connect the call center in a period of time. A call to the one-time phone number can be transferred to the agent who previously supported the customer in the chat support. Also, businesses can set a valid period to the issued one-time phone number in order to prevent the risks such as repeat calls from the same customer and phone number spreading in SNS.

Businesses need non-voice channel services not to reduce incoming calls but to support customers who “prefer not to talk on the phone”

The non-voice contact center package does not consider call as the top service channel for contact centers. Along with the population of smartphone and LINE users’ growth, the population of customers who prefer not to communicate with an agent on the phone has been increasing. Recognizing this trend, transcosmos will develop a new contact center service based on a hypothesis that “non-voice customer support besides call center support, will help businesses achieve higher user satisfaction whilst making the service operations more efficient.” With this new packaged service, transcosmos will enhance customer service channels other than call with the aim to relieve stress from users who prefer not to talk with an agent over the phone and ultimately maximize customer satisfaction.

transcosmos continues to help clients across a broad range of industries optimize communication with their customers building on its proven implementation record in customer support services.

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About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support clients’ business processes focusing on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 172 locations across 32 countries with a focus on Asia, while continuously pursuing Operational Excellence. Furthermore, following the expansion of e-commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive One-Stop Global E-Commerce Services to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services to consumers in 49 countries around the globe. transcosmos aims to be the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” of our clients, supporting the clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment.

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