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transcosmos announces its next-gen contact center services fully powered by AWS

Plans to offer new services along with Amazon Connect which is coming to the Tokyo AWS Region soon

October 10, 2018

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) is now developing new services that utilize “Amazon Connect,” a cloud-based contact center service by Amazon Web Services Japan (AWS). transcosmos plans to deliver its new contact center services to clients when “Amazon Connect” becomes available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Region in the coming months.

Amazon Connect 簡単に使えるクラウド型コンタクトセンターSimple to use, cloud-based contact center

Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use and self-service cloud contact center service, that makes it easy for businesses to set up and manage a customer contact center and provide reliable customer engagement at any scale at a low cost. Amazon Connect is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no up-front payments, long-term commitments, or infrastructure management required to use Amazon Connect. Instead, businesses pay for each contact center and each active phone call (inbound or outbound) on a per-minute basis. (Some information are excerpted from AWS corporate website).

As Amazon Connect will be available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Region soon, businesses will become able to utilize many different AWS services that work with Amazon Connect all inside Japan. transcosmos is now developing services that combine its technology, people and operations management know-how with the basic functions of Amazon Connect whilst having technical discussions with the AWS team in its headquarters located in Seattle.

Next-gen Contact Center Services fully powered by AWS0

Mr. Toshihiko Yasuda, Senior Manager, Head of Japan Business Development at Amazon Web Services Japan said:
“Amazon Web Services Japan is pleased that transcosmos will build and deliver next-gen contact center services by making the most of AWS. Amazon Connect is a cloud-based, self-service contact center service that is built on the same technology used by Amazon contact centers that support millions of customers and lets businesses set up their own customer centers of all sizes at a low cost. With the planned new services offered by transcosmos, we expect to satisfy the needs of various clients that could not set up their contact centers before and ultimately help them improve their customer satisfaction.”

Going forward, transcosmos will combine Amazon Connect with various cloud-based services and build functions such as CTS-CRM integration, contact center performance KPI dashboard, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), FAQ recommendations, and more. Ultimately transcosmos will offer new services by integrating its operations know-how into these functions.

Before starting to develop these new services, transcosmos applied Amazon Connect to its contact center operations in September 2018. Opening its contact centers using Amazon Connect via the Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS Region, transcosmos currently receives customer calls in the cloud environment and plans to support customers 24/7 via SMS in the future.

transcosmos continues to aim at delivering the best contact center services that meet the needs of each individual client whilst driving the development of Amazon Connect services.

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About transcosmos inc.

ranscosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support clients’ business processes focusing on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 172 locations across 32 countries with a focus on Asia, while continuously pursuing Operational Excellence. Furthermore, following the expansion of e-commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive One-Stop Global E-Commerce Services to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services to consumers in 49 countries around the globe. transcosmos aims to be the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” of our clients, supporting the clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment.

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