As a solution under the coronavirus crisis, Bodygram and transcosmos offer “Bodygram,” an AI measurement technology to SELERY, a leading uniform manufacturer for the office, service and healthcare industries

November 10, 2020

SELERY Co., Ltd.
Bodygram Japan K.K.
transcosmos inc.

Bodygram Japan K.K. (CEO Jin Koh) has offered its AI measurement technology “Bodygram,” that can accurately estimate users’ body size, to SELERY Co., Ltd. (President & CEO Mikio Dazai).

So far in the uniform industry, traditional service process starts with a visit to a client’s office for measurements, followed by data tallying, manufacturing and delivery. However, in order to meet clients’ demand for contactless services under the coronavirus crisis, and for the company to reduce and streamline operational steps thereby reducing costs, SELERY has deployed the AI measurement technology offered by Bodygram Japan.

This marks Bodygram Japan’s entry into the work uniform industry in the commercial sector. Through the provision of Bodygram to SELERY, a leading player in the uniform industry, Bodygram Japan expects that the company can contribute to the innovation of the industry as a whole.

※Steps to measure your body sizes with a smartphone
*Steps to measure your body sizes with a smartphone (for illustration purposes only)

With Bodygram, SELERY will make its entire operational process contactless and automated from face-to-face measurement, a step that has been under restraint given the spread of the coronavirus infection, to receiving orders, to delivery. Ultimately, SELERY will deliver services and support to its business clients and stores with a dramatically increased efficiency. SELERY is expected to see an 85% drop in operational costs that are associated with measurement to delivery processes. At the same time, SELERY can also reduce the inventory levels stocked for replacing returned items (size exchanges), an environmentally conscious step through which SELERY can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SELERY will continue to utilize this innovative technology in the post-Covid-19 era.
Bodygram Japan is committed to further improving its technology and development capabilities to deliver more convenient and reliable AI measurement technology than ever before.

transcosmos inc. (President & COO Masataka Okuda) formed a partnership with Bodygram Japan in June 2020, and began delivering integrated services that include system development, operations, analytics and support associated with Bodygram. transcosmos offered system implementation services for SELERY to deploy Bodygram.

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Fujii, Sales Management Department, SELERY Co., Ltd.:

Sawada, Japan PR, Bodygram Japan:
E-mail: bodygram_pr@bodygram.com

Tomizawa, Public Relations & Advertising Department, transcosmos inc.:

◾️ About SELERY Co., Ltd.

SELERY, with its four manufacturing factories in Japan, is committed to “manufacturing reliable products,” pursuing both design excellence that is essential for “uniforms that make everyone shine,” and functionality, durability and comfort required for “workwear uniforms.” As a manufacturer, SELERY delivers our “committed” and “high-quality” products to our customers. With our unyielding will, we will go on, always taking the meaning of the phrase “things change but not all” into heart.
With the goal of becoming a company that contributes to our society and being environmentally conscious (“Re. Uniform Project”), SELERY will continue to engage with “Sustainable Development Goals.”

Company name:
SELERY Co,. Ltd.
1678-1, Fujita, Minami-ku, Okayama city, 701-0221 Okayama, Japan
President & CEO Mikio Dazai
March 1969
URL (Japanese only):

■ About Bodygram

“Bodygram” is an advanced technology that predicts users’ body size with the use of deep learning model, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). All users need to do is to enter their age, height, weight and gender, and take two photos – one front and one side – with their clothes on via a smartphone. Then “Bodygram”
automatically detects the users’ body shape and takes an accurate measurement of the different areas of their body including waist, shoulder width, arm length and leg length.

To date, Bodygram’s technology has been empowering the apparel, lifestyle and healthcare industries. Bodygram Japan K.K. plans to deliver “Bodygram” across many more industries.

■ Company Overview

Company name:
Bodygram Japan K.K.
S&T Jingumae Building 3F, 2-18-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Jin Koh
May 2019

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