Deliver one-stop support for end-to-end process ranging from planning to follow-up after sales
Building Infrastructure Services

transcosmos offers extensive, end-to-end outsourcing services ranging from sales to follow-up after sales for clients in the housing, building equipment, and electric power and telecommunications industries.

Building Infrastructure Services

Services for Housing Industry

Offer platform which supports high performance-homes

  • Comprehensive support ranging from basic design, to detailed design, to production design
  • Respond to owners’ inquiries whilst ensuring safety to enable clients to focus on their core business
  • Develop system infrastructure including business systems and building component DB
  • For builders, deliver platform services that specialize in calculating energy savings, developing various housing performance applications and creating structural designs

Services for Electric Power and Telecommunications Industry

Optimize operations in electric power and telecommunications industry

  • Offer designing and construction back-office services for FTTH, wireless networks, electricity and pipeline facilities
  • Organize and improve operations whilst optimizing operational costs by leveraging our BPO centers
  • The services include tasks in system infrastructure area, such as developing original tools including building family and functions

Services for Building Equipment Industry

Support extensive processes in the building equipment industry

  • Develop proposal and estimation for products and respond to inquiries from wholesalers
  • Comprehensive support ranging from basic design, detailed design to production design
  • Convert product design data to 3D production data
  • Create various functional design data to build BIM objects for construction products

Services for Construction Industry

IT+BPO services offer extensive support ranging from design to construction

  • Innovate and streamline operations for designing and construction
  • One-stop support for business process transformation with BIM
  • A mix of various tablet solutions and construction back-office services enable clients to boost productivity at the construction site as well as to focus on their core business

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