Effectively assist clients’ corporate functions to improve their business processes
Corporate BPO Services

transcosmos helps clients’ corporate functions, the core of their business, achieve business transformation, and ultimately contributes to clients in enhancing their competitive strengths.

Corporate BPO Services

Human Resources (HR)

Provide end-to-end back-office services for HR department

  • Provide comprehensive support services to assist clients’ HR department. The services include managing employee data by reflecting new hire, resignation and other updates, managing monthly attendance management and calculating payrolls.
  • Streamline operations by standardizing various processes and rules.
  • Perform identity verification and data registration that are required to receive My Number (the Individual Number) in a secure environment.

Finance & Accounting

Leverage a platform to streamline finance and accounting operations

  • transcosmos leverages both its platform and BPO services to streamline a series of expense reimbursement processes.
  • Provide extensive services to support all expense reimbursement processes. The services include hyper care support for platform implementation and user training.
  • Perform some of the monthly closing processes to let clients’ Finance & Accounting members focus on their core tasks.


Provide extensive support services for procurement-related indirect operations

  • Provide end-to-end support services for accounts receivable management that range from billing based on invoice data, to collection to payment confirmation.
  • Assist clients’ Procurement department in receiving purchase orders from other departments, submitting request for quotation to suppliers, and making necessary arrangements.
  • Conduct BPR in order to optimize man-hours and quality by standardizing tasks and unifying operations among various groups.

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