Support business’s digitalization at optimum costs with our one-stop services ranging from implementation to utilization of IT and systems
IT Outsourcing Services

Leveraging our know-how built upon our extensive service record, transcosmos offers comprehensive support from the best service base for each client to help them strengthen their competitiveness by utilizing IT.

IT Outsourcing Services

Support Desk Services

Provide the optimum helpdesk which matches with business

  • Provide wide-ranging support from implementation planning and training for business operation system and ERP to helpdesk services
  • Propose effective solutions based on our business expertise, fully understanding the context of the inquiries coming from agents and dealerships
  • Provide the optimum support for each industry and business from the user’s perspective
  • Provide multi-language, 24/7 service by combining onsite and centers

Security Services

Help clients protect their valuable assets from cyber attacks

  • Based on vulnerability diagnosis, assessment, and analysis, propose countermeasures according to clients’ needs
  • Detect alerts at an early phase via real time monitoring, and solve issues immediately
  • Offer training to prevent ever diversifying targeted attack email
  • Offer an early alert report on unprecedented cyber attacks

System Operation and Maintenance Services

Improve business efficiency by providing support from user’s perspective with fully understanding the business

  • Detect early signs of defects and failures by daily monitoring and data analysis
  • The services include monitoring, performing primary isolation when failure is detected, troubleshooting and onsite support, under various environments such us on-premises and cloud
  • Prevent operational errors and improve operational efficiency by standardizing monitoring process and implementing automation tools
  • Provide 24/7 services by combining onsite and centers

Lifecycle Services for Multi-Devices

Offer ever increasing devices effectively and securely

  • One-stop services ranging from procurement, to kitting, to operations management for multiple devices including PC, tablet, smartphone, and more
  • Manage assets, configuration information, and critical information to ensure security, along with device information
  • Support time-consuming operations such as developing master image, verification after OS and application updates, etc.

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