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Deliver contact center services that optimize and maximize the value of customer experience
Contact Center Services

As customer behavior and mindset continues to diversify, contact center customer services become ever more critical. transcosmos helps clients build and operate strategic contact centers that support dialogue with their customers via various communication channels.

Contact Center Services

Digital Communication Services

Support diversified channels

  • Offer non-voice services for smartphone users on top of traditional contact center services to support diverse, essential channels
  • Chat operators and chat-bots offer non-voice services
  • Help clients increase sales and boost customer satisfaction

Contact Center Consulting Services

Support designing contact centers that meet the business objectives

  • Visualize contact center’s missions and identify challenges
  • Rebuild and create ideal contact centers by developing improvement plans
  • Develop and apply quality management criteria and the cycle

Platform Services

Support implementation and operation of communication channels

Contact center platform which supports customer communication

  • Contact-Link
  • DECAds Chat Edition

Global Contact Center Services

Provide services in China, South Korea, ASEAN, Europe and the U.S.

  • Provide high quality contact center services across the globe by utilizing our accumulated know-how
  • Support 23 languages with 68 bases and 28,000 workstations in Japan and abroad
  • Provide multi-language contact center services for increasing foreign visitors to Japan by leveraging bases in Japan and abroad

“Call to LINE”, “LINE to Call” – two features of LINE Customer Connect

Seamlessly connects call to LINE

  • “LINE to Call” enables users to make a free call with just one click on “LINE” or when they visit a company website, which will automatically connect them to IP phones.
  • With “Call to LINE”, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or operators can send messages to users’ LINE accounts and invite them to “LINE” chat support based on their mobile numbers.
  • Delivers a call-chat hybrid customer support service via “LINE”.
    • LINE Customer Connect

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