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Delivering services contributes to expanding our clients’ sales by generating leads and nurturing customer growth
Sales Support Services

Our inbound sales support service improves our clients’ customer purchase frequency and repeat purchase rate by utilizing analysis based on the customer inquiries and activities.
It enhances our clients' sales and sales force optimization through efficient sales approaches such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales closing.We offer sales support to make the clients’ call center more profitable in both inbound and outbound operations with various services including non-voice call center support (e.g. chat, LINE, etc.).

Sales Support

Inbound Sales

Boost purchase frequency and repeat purchase rate

  • Contributes to client’s sales enhancement, such as motivating purchases, consultation, and the operation of order processing with our quality support

Outbound Sales

Contact appropriate customers and generate leads by leveraging our abundant know-how and past cases with our proven track record in call center service

  • Offer services such as telemarketing (e.g. conducting surveys, providing information, etc.), introduction of product/service, sales promotion, and customer retention
  • Create specific scripts based on the customer needs and offer outbound call center services to improve quality of clients’ services/products by leveraging our abundant know-how and past cases with our proven track record

Closing New Accounts

As an inside sales professional, we support our clients’ sales activities from new customer acquisition to sales closing

  • Nurture leads and closing sales through inside sales approaches such as email and phone calls rather than the face-to-face sales approach
  • Contribute to our clients’ sales enhancement by a direct sales approach

Sales Retention

Retain existing customers to earn their loyality and increase sales by effective customer retention approaches

  • Retain the right customers at the right time such as subscription renewal and regular purchasing period, and maintain our clients’ sales momentum
  • Fulfill required number of sales resources and provide follow-up support to retain existing customers

Field Service

Contribute to our clients’ sales activities through our field services

  • Offer customer support and store operation service, linked to the contact center support at the clients’ booths and stores through our dispatched sales forces
  • Provide field service such as in-store logistics and campaign store operations through our dispatched sales forces

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