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transcosmos analytics offers deployment & utilization support for Celonis, the leader of process mining tool

Also offers the world’s first analytics consulting services for customer journey and chat scenario

December 4, 2019

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos analytics Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Yoichi Kawano), a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) which specializes in research and analysis, has begun offering deployment and utilization support and analytics consulting services for Intelligent Business Cloud (IBC) by Celonis SE (Headquarters: Munich, Germany; Co-CEO:Alexander Rink and Bastian Nominacher), the global leader of process mining technology. transcosmos analytics will offer analytics proof of concept (PoC) services at a special trial price (starting from three million yen) only to the first five clients who place orders by the end of January, 2020.

Celonis deployment & Case study

The world’s first Celonis case study by transcosmos

Process mining is a general term for analytics technologies that are applied to identify patterns in the large volume of event logs generated in business operating systems and to visualize the patterns in a time sequence. Process mining is recently drawing a great deal of attention primarily in Europe and America. Among all other players in this market, Germany-based Celonis SE empowers over 800 companies across the globe with its technology and has been recognized as the market leader by Gartner, Inc., U.S. Whilst Celonis has been widely used in Order to Cash (O2C) and Purchase to Pay (P2P) business processes, and has achieved many successes in cutting lead times and reducing reworks by identifying bottlenecks in supply chain management rules and other internal business processes, Celonis has not been utilized in the marketing communication field.
Recognizing this, together with transcosmos operations team, transcosmos analytics has conducted the world’s first PoC to utilize Celonis for access log and chat scenario analysis and has achieved success. Based on this achievement, transcosmos deployed Celonis in full swing in November, 2019. Since then, the company has been utilizing Celonis to streamline its internal operations and to add more value to its services.

Celonis Case Study

Celonis deployment & utilization support plus analytics consulting services

Building on its know-how acquired through the internal PoC, transcosmos analytics will begin offering Celonis deployment and utilization support and analytics consulting services to clients.
Prior to the Celonis deployment, transcosmos analytics will first have hearing sessions to understand the challenges clients face, perform demonstrations and then conduct approximately 3 months of PoC. During the PoC, transcosmos analytics will implement a trial license, build an analytics environment, and assist clients in inputting and analyzing the data to analyze a pre-determined theme for up to about three data inputs. The trial service price starts at three million yen.
transcosmos analytics will provide advice in regular meetings as well as operations and maintenance support to clients after they deploy Celonis in full-scale.

■	Celonis deployment & utilization support plus analytics consulting services

Here are the comments received from Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alexander Rinke, Celonis SE:

“We are delighted that transcosmos analytics will start offering marketing optimization solutions powered by our process mining technology. As the market leader of process mining, Celonis empowers more than 800 customers around the world who rely on our technology to reduce lead times from receiving an order to delivery, shorten customer service response times, boost customer satisfaction and more. Yet, among all those, the marketing optimization solution that transcosmos analytics has developed is an unprecedented, breakthrough innovation. We are proud to have contributed in the development of this cutting-edge marketing solution that will spread to the world from Japan. At the same time, we expect many companies will experience the power of this solution. Thank you.”

By positioning Celonis as the essential solution for creating the value of multi-channel customer experience and for maximizing the entire communication process, transcosmos and transcosmos analytics will continue to make combined efforts in developing new services.

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*transcosmos is a trademark or registered trademark of transcosmos inc. In Japan and other countries.
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About Celonis

Celonis (www.celonis.com) is the New York- and Munich-based leader in Enterprise Performance Acceleration software, turning process insights into action with the process mining technology it pioneered. Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business. More than 800 companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.

About transcosmos analytics Inc.

transcosmos analytics was established as a 100% subsidiary of transcosmos in May 2012, in order to provide KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) service and to support clients in improving efficiency with their intellectual production activities whilst creating new values. transcosmos analytics responds to the rapidly-changing marketing environment flexibly and speedily in order to expand its clients’ profits and to maximize their customer satisfaction.

About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support clients’ business processes focusing on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 168 bases across 30 countries/regions with a focus on Asia, while continuously pursuing Operational Excellence. Furthermore, following the expansion of e-commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive One-Stop Global E-Commerce services to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services in 48 countries/regions around the globe. transcosmos aims to be the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” of our clients, supporting the clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment.

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