Maximizing the value of social media
Social Media Services

transcosmos experts in various service domains that include consulting, planning & creation, marketing promotion, operation & monitoring and research & analysis work as a team to help clients make the most of social media.

Social Media Services

Consulting Services

Create total solutions to leverage social media

  • Support clients in opening various media accounts, designing communication strategy and developing documents and guidelines to help clients meet their objectives in social media.
    Propose, execute and evaluate the performance of social media marketing plans that are aimed at expanding client’s fan base, all in one go

Content Creation and Operations Services

Content planning, creation, and operations services

  • Effectively deliver valuable information on social media by writing attractive content that maximizes the power of social media accounts whilst offering the optimum creative content for each media. Plan, create, and operate content according to the needs of clients.

Marketing and Promotion Support Services

Provide comprehensive support ranging from promotion planning to performance evaluation

  • Deliver highly sophisticated operations services by utilizing Facebook insights.
    Our “social gear Ads+” delivers and optimizes Facebook ads for clients
  • The social listening capabilities of “Sprinklr,” an integrated social management platform, improves Twitter ad operations by collecting and analyzing Twitter data

Active Communication and Review Monitoring

Operate content to build close communication with fans

  • Our dedicated facilitators post information that include selling points to boost fan engagement
  • Collect keywords on Twitter, actively communicate with fans and expand the power of positive word-of-mouth
  • Provide graphic reports by benchmarking the clients’ performance against competitors

Research and Analysis Services

Analyze big data and leverage the findings for marketing

  • Design rules for collecting Voice Of Customer (VOC) data from social media and perform text mining
  • Mine customer and POS data, analyze websites and SNS access logs, perform text mining on VOC as needed, and integrate the results
  • Report the results of analysis and encourage clients to utilize the findings and the PDCA model for future improvements

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