Deliver the best channel and experience to clients through operating a PDCA cycle at one stop Digital Integration Services

With the largest service framework in Japan, transcosmos offers a total solution for clients to solve business challenges they face.
Leveraging our know-how acquired through serving over 600 clients annually, transcosmos delivers effective and competitive digital marketing services.

Digital Integration

Website Development Services

Support developing website and systems to maximize performance

  • Plan, design and create page flow and content optimum for clients’ business requirements, leveraging our diverse know-how and the extensive proven record of developing websites for over 600 companies every year
  • Develop websites that are compatible with variety of devices with different screen sizes while balancing usability and operational efficiency

Website Operations and Improvement Services

Deliver highly cost-effective operations and visualize challenges

  • Build the best operational scheme for each client by combining onsite, nearshore, offshore and outsourcing to streamline operations whilst reducing costs
    • Operations consulting
    • Center operations
  • Conduct research and analysis in order to improve user experience. Our experts in building and operating websites carry out analysis from client's perspective.
    • Research and analyze client’s current operations
    • Develop customer journey map
    • Heuristic analysis
    • Competitor research and analysis
    • Log analysis

Marketing Solutions Implementation Services

Solve clients’ business challenges, regardless of industry or scale

  • Select and propose the best solution for each client’s specific challenges from a variety of service offerings that include MX, CXM, and CRM. Our experienced staff help clients implement solutions.
    • Implement marketing solutions
      Provide design and support services to implement “Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” “KARTE” and “Adobe Marketing Cloud” that enable marketing automation and cross-channel campaign management.

System Development and Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Propose, implement, build and operate the best CRM that fits to each client’s business scale, needs and operations processes.

  • System platform services
    • Implement & migrate CMS platform
    • Security vulnerability diagnosis
    • Business process readiness assessment for Salesforce

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