transcosmos offers cross-border e-commerce services for the Chinese market to MANDARAKE, the first company to enter the Chinese second-hand & hobby industry

Connecting Japan and China via its proprietary integrated inventory management system, enables MANDARAKE to sell one-of-a-kind and limited edition items in both Japan and China at the same time

April 17, 2024

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos hereby announces that the company has developed an integrated inventory management system, connecting Japanese and Chinese e-commerce sites. With this proprietary system, transcosmos will enhance its capabilities in offering vintage items like one-of-a-kind goods and other limited edition items online. For the very first client, MANDARAKE INC., a company specializing in selling used books, collectibles and other manga and anime-related items, transcosmos has opened a Tmall Global Flagship store. MANDARAKE flagship store is the first in the industry selling vintage & hobby goods on Tmall Global, China’s cross-border e-commerce site.

MANDARAKE Tmall Global Flagship Store
MANDARAKE Tmall Global Flagship Store

Demands for second-hand and vintage goods have been growing in the China market. Against this backdrop, Tmall Global, China’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform began selling such items in 2021.

Yet, despite high demands for Japanese second-hand and vintage items, there are various challenges that must be addressed to sell these items for the China market via cross-border e-commerce platforms. The challenges include the very nature of items - the number of items are very limited, even only one inventory available for sale - as well as the need for a centralized inventory management system connected to store inventories in Japan, and translation of varieties of anime and characters that requires specialized knowledge.

To tackle the challenges and enter the second-hand and vintage industry, transcosmos worked with Alibaba Group Holding Limited and developed customer service and quality assurance rules, collaborative systems and operational processes for centralized inventory management connecting China and Japan, auto-translation, international delivery, etc. With these in place, transcosmos successfully created a framework that enables Japanese second-hand and vintage brands to sell items to China via cross-border e-commerce with minimized stock-out risk of one-of-a-kind vintage items.

MANDARAKE INC. operates 15 offline stores located across Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Hokkaido, selling different types of one-of-a-kind second-hand and vintage items. All store inventories are managed centrally on its Japanese e-commerce site. Connecting the site with its new cross-border e-commerce site via the system transcosmos has developed, MANDARAKE can manage items for both Japanese and Chinese e-commerce stores, thereby enabling Chinese consumers to buy items from Tmall Global MANDARAKE flagship store easily. Now, Chinese consumers have access to items that were otherwise only available in stores in Japan and Japanese e-commerce sites like one-of-a-kind second-hand items, vintage goods, and items that are too big to bring back home from Japan.

Building on its expertise in the international e-commerce business, transcosmos will not only offer systems but also end-to-end services including flagship store opening and operations, order management, customer support, and international logistics at one-stop. In addition, transcosmos will further enhance its cross-border e-commerce services targeting the second-hand and vintage industry, helping businesses promote their products by selecting items tailored to cultures and preferences of Chinese consumers, creating live commerce videos and short movies, and more.

“On top of managing store inventories for both China and Japan, there are various challenges to overcome in selling antiques and collectibles in the Chinese local market,” Yoshiyuki Tanaka, President & CEO at MANDARAKE INC. said. “Alliance with transcosmos enabled us to focus on selling, and successfully open our store on Tmall Global without changing the existing operations and with limited system development costs. Going forward, we would like transcosmos to collect the voice of local Chinese customers so that we can increase the number of items to sell on our Tmall Global flagship store for the customers.”

Chinese news website: https://x.gd/9H9AK

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