transcosmos launches campaign aimed at solving social issues Shibuya-ward faces in partnership with Future Design Shibuya and EbuAction

Initiates a year-round initiative, SHIBUYA Good Manner Challenge feat. Fortnite, co-created with Gen Z

July 5, 2024

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos hereby announces that the company together with EbuAction, inc. will launch the SHIBUYA Good Manner Challenge feat. Fortnite, supporting the Shibuya Good Manner Project run by Future Design Shibuya General Incorporated Association (Future Design Shibuya), a movement to make Shibuya-ward a safe and secure city. Through this SHIBUYA Good Manner Challenge feat. Fortnite initiative, transcosmos and EbuAction aim to tackle social issues, specifically, nuisance behavior including street drinking and littering, by the power of Fortnite, a popular metaverse gaming app among the young generation and international users. With this new year-round campaign under the Shibuya Good Manner Project, the young generation and overseas visitors to Japan can enjoy a gaming experience built on Fortnite co-created by generation Z (Gen Z) creators while going through a new game challenge intended to raise awareness of good manners. The ultimate goal is to change the target audiences’ mindsets, making them reconsider the importance of the city’s clean environment as well as improving manners.

SHIBUYA Good Manner project


In recent years, nuisance behavior such as street drinking, smoking, and littering continue to increase in Shibuya-ward. The city becomes packed with people, in particular during events, forcing the city to strengthen security measures to control crowds safely. Drawing large crowds of people is not a problem itself. Yet, some visitors’ troublesome behavior is disrupting residents’ daily lives and causing damages to stores in the area, which has become a social issue. Against this backdrop, Future Design Shibuya launched Shibuya Good Manner Project to double down its effort on making Shibuya a safe and secure city, working on diverse activities to solve social issues in partnership with a range of stakeholders. Now, to address the issue and raise awareness as well as educate manners to young people and overseas visitors, transcosmos will run a gaming experience campaign using Fortnite which is built on ideas brought up by Gen Z creators. Through this campaign, transcosmos aims not only to let target audiences enjoy the gaming experience but also become aware of the city they are in, thereby widely spreading the intended message across.

■Project plans (examples)

1) Create and publish games on Fortnite, targeting young generations and inbound visitors
While Fortnite attracts many Gen Z and Gen alpha players, many creators are also in the same generation group. transcosmos will work on solving social issues with this co-created plan by involving the young generations.

Game overview:
In a town packed with garbage and garbage creatures, players battle to win back a clean, comfortable, and safe city that they used to enjoy.
Scheduled release date:
November 1, 2024

*Epic Games is not the sponsor, supporter, or operator of this game.

2) Year-round online events
transcosmos will run online events throughout the year. Each event comes with different challenge levels and cityscapes, and there will be live streaming by influencers. The first online event is planned for mid-December.

■SHIBUYA Good Manner Challenge feat. Fortnite supporters and co-creation partners

Future Design Shibuya and transcosmos welcome solution partners who wish to spread the Shibuya Good Manner Project—a project to make Shibuya-ward a safe and secure city with gaming experience on Fortnite—among the young generation and overseas visitors. Partners can enjoy various benefits including partner announcements and advertising on SHIBUYA Good Manner Challenge feat. Fortnite, as well as events that link gaming and real-world activities.
For more details, please contact Future Design Shibuya or transcosmos at the following addresses.

Future Design Shibuya:

■About Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular gaming metaverses among the young generations with more than 500 million users worldwide, and its monthly active users surpassed 5 million only in Japan. Fortnite comes with multiple modes going beyond the iconic Battle Royale, such as Zero Build, with which users can create their own all battle experience without building, and a Creative Mode, a mode that allows users to form their unique world. Users can choose and play a variety of worlds with Fortnite.

Users can play Fortnite with PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android, PCs, and cloud gaming services.
For more details, visit here: www.fortnite.com

transcosmos delivers new forms of marketing services designed for young generations to help clients make the most of three leading metaverse platforms, Fortnite, Roblox and ZEPETO. With the aim of evolving the traditional forms of communication, transcosmos is committed to succeed in utilizing the metaverse and other new technologies in the real world. transcosmos also offers metaverse planning support services tailored to distinctive characteristics of each company and local government.
Please contact the company for more details.

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About Future Design Shibuya

Corporate name:
Future Design Shibuya General Incorporated Association
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Based on diversity and inclusion, Future Design Shibuya collects ideas and talents of various people who gather in Shibuya, such as people living in Shibuya, workers, learners, visitors, etc., across domains, and through open innovation, society It is a full-scale industry-government-academia-private partnership organization that designs solutions and possibilities for issues.

About EbuAction, inc.

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EbuAction, inc.
No. 104 City Court Meguro 4th Building, 2-10-34, Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 141-0021,Japan
Providing services for businesses to offer solutions on metaverse platforms including Fortnite and Roblox. Co-operating BORDER, a metaverse production studio, with NEIGHBOR Co., Ltd.

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