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Dividend Policy & Past Results

Basic Policy for Distribution of Profits

Our company considers the return of profits to its shareholders to be one of its most important management policies. Our dividend policy employs a dividend ratio oriented system which is linked to business results, and has a basic policy of making decisions based on comprehensive consideration of all factors, including business results, financial conditions and the status of our management base according to changes in the business environment. In addition, with regard to internal reserve funds, we want to respond to the expectations of our shareholders by striving to improve service quality at the same time that we expand our services, enhancing our financial strength, while also making capital investments in areas such as new call center facilities and information systems.

Dividend Transitions

  2015/3 2016/3 2017/3 2018/3 2019/3
Dividend per share (period end dividend) ¥54 ¥56 ¥52 ¥23 ¥33
Dividend ratio 30.2 30.4 30.1 -43.8 30.9

Treasury stock conditions

Period end treasury stock Treasury stock ratio
7,318,364 shares 15.0%

* As of the end of March 2019