Stakeholder Dialogue

Fundamental Approach

We actively engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium and long-term through dialogue.
To promote dialogue with shareholders and investors, we have developed an internal framework to ensure we provide them with relevant and timely information about our Group’s business activities. Our officer, who is responsible for investor relations (IR), oversees dialogue with shareholders and investors, and a dedicated IR department serves as a point of contact for shareholders and investors to promote the dialogue. The dedicated IR department collaborates with relevant internal departments as necessary to ensure we disclose full and accurate information.
We engage in dialogue with all shareholders and investors fairly to avoid any selective disclosures, while appropriately managing insider information. Our Disclosure Policy is disclosed on our website.
We report shareholder and investors’ views expressed during the dialogue to management and other relevant parties to further enhance our corporate value.

Main channels of communication

Main channels of communication Times per year
Earnings conference (for institutional investors and analysts) 2
Ordinary general meeting of shareholders (proxy statement, notice of resolution, etc.) 1
Small meeting with sell-side analysts 2
One-on-one meetings with institutional investors and analysts 120
Facility tour (for institutional investors and analysts) 1
Business report 2
Integrated report 1
Corporate website (IR materials, etc.) As needed

Shareholder/Investor Engagement through Dialogue

Recognizing the importance of maintaining constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, as well as providing them with clear explanations about our management policies and our business activities, we remain committed to effective engagement with shareholders and investors.
We respect the voices, opinions and requests of shareholders and investors received through dialogue. Our officer responsible for IR reports the views to the board of directors and management as necessary to ensure that we carry out meaningful initiatives toward enhancing sustainable corporate value.
In addition, we strive to enhance the quality of information we disclose in IR materials such as earnings presentations, and on our corporate website based on opinions and requests we receive from shareholders and investors through dialogue.

Main themes of dialogue

Theme Details
Financial performance
  • Performance by segment
  • Performance by service
  • Performance by region (overseas)
  • Outlook
Management/business strategy
  • Mid-term business plan overview and progress
  • Service strategy
  • Digital technology utilization status
  • Generative AI initiatives
Capital policy
  • Shareholder return policy
  • Investment securities policy
  • Treasury stock policy
  • Board composition
  • ESG initiatives and progress
IR structure/activities
  • IR structure enhancement plan
  • Future information disclosure

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