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As our clients’ business partner, our group provides comprehensive global outsourcing services that assist our clients both in expanding sales and optimizing costs.

Outsourcing Services

DEC (Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Contact Center) Services

Through the integration of our digital marketing services, e-commerce one-stop services, and contact center services, our DEC services seamlessly connect ever diversifying customer touchpoints across marketing, sales and customer support, and ultimately help businesses deliver a superior customer experience. With a blend of our proven expertise in business-to-consumer communication, digital technologies, and global service network, we assist our clients in boosting customer loyalty and expanding both sales and profits.

Digital Marketing Services

Our internet infrastructure helps businesses ran successful marketing. Our diverse services include internet promotion, website development & operations, omni-channel marketing, and analytics & research services.

Our Distinctive Features
  • We are a digital marketing services company with a focus on Japan, China and South Korea
  • Our one-stop shop service framework stretches from internet promotion to website development & operations
  • We have the largest website development & operations service framework in Japan
  • We actively bring in the latest ad technologies from our business development center in North America
E-Commerce One-Stop Shop Services

Tailored to each company’s e-commerce and branding strategies, our one-stop shop solution offers all features required for e-commerce operations including e-commerce website development & operations, fulfillment, customer service, web promotion, and analytics.

Our Distinctive Features
  • We offer services across 48 countries/regions including Japan, Europe, the United States, China, South Korea, ASEAN, and India
  • Our e-commerce one-stop shop services merge “transcosmos eCommerce HUB,” our integrated e-commerce platform, with our extensive services & proven achievements in contact center, business process outsourcing and digital marketing services
  • Our partnerships with prominent entities in Europe, the United States, China, South Korea and more, help our clients run a localized e-commerce business that accommodates market-specific culture and characteristics
  • In partnership with leading apparel, cosmetics and e-book brands in the ASEAN market, we assist our clients in expanding their e-commerce business into the ASEAN market
Contact Center Services

Our customer support outsourcing services handle general inquiries and complaints, provide product & service information, undertake sales activities, and more.

Our Distinctive Features
  • We are Asia’s largest contact center services company with a focus on Japan, China and South Korea
  • With the largest service network in Japan, we offer contact center services from our 31 bases with roughly 18,340 workstations in Japan and 44 bases with around 14,470 workstations overseas*
  • We have proven business records across diverse industries including finance, telecom, high-tech, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, distribution, auto, aviation, and public sector
  • We were the first to open a dedicated social media customer services center, Shibuya Social Media Center

* As of the end of September, 2019

Business Process Outsourcing Services

We provide outsourcing services that support non-core activities of businesses including back-office functions such as finance & accounting and HR, order management, information system operations & maintenance, and machinery & architectural design.

Our Distinctive Features
  • We have the largest offshore service network in Japan (17 offshore bases across China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines)
  • We offer services across diverse areas including system development & operations, order processing, architectural design, machinery design, embedded development, data entry, back-office for HR, accounting, and sales
  • In 1995, we established offshore development service framework in China ahead of others in the market
  • Abundant success records – With a history of 53 years since our foundation, we are a leading company in the help desk industry

* As of the end of June, 2019

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Domestic & Overseas Offices & Service Centers

Our Group helps our clients succeed in their businesses on a global scale.

Visit here for a list of our offices and service centers.

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