Disclosure Policy

Information Disclosure Basic Policy

Our basic policy is to promptly disclose accurate and impartial information to stockholders, investors and all other stakeholders. Also, we constantly strive to make a timely and proactive disclosure of information that is deemed valuable for our stakeholders, in addition to timely disclosure of material information pursuant to the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Information Disclosure Method

Disclosure of important information falling under the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is handled in accordance with the same rules and by means of the timely information disclosure system (TDnet) of the same stock exchange. Also as a rule, information released through TDnet is promptly posted on this site. In addition, even when releasing information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules, we endeavor to see that the disclosed information is promptly conveyed as accurately and impartially as possible through outlets such as the news media and this site.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the divulgence of information that affects our stock price including earnings information, and to ensure fair disclosure, we will observe a quiet period which commences one month prior to an earnings announcement (the same day of the previous month) and ends on the earnings announcement day. During a quiet period, we refrain from making comments or responding to any inquiries about our earnings results. If, however, any event which is subject to the timely disclosure rules arises during a quiet period, we will promptly disclose the information as appropriate. We will also respond to inquiries about information that has already been publicly disclosed.

Forecast for the Future

With the exception of facts known in the past, future plans and strategies, etc., relating to the future prospects of our company and its group, which are posted on this site, are determined based on information available at the time. Risks and other uncertain factors are also included within this, and fluctuations may occur in the future depending on the Japanese economy, movements in the stock market, trends in the information services industry and the development of new services and technologies, etc. Therefore, our company and its group cannot guarantee the certainty of these projections, and recommend restraint in placing undue reliance upon these projections alone.

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