Management Philosophy & Corporate Vision

Our Management Philosophy

Fundamental Management Philosophy

Client satisfaction is the true value of our company, and the growth of each of our employees creates the value that shapes our future.

Management Goals
Commitment to our clients
  • We will continue to stay on top of the latest technology trends and continue to deliver quality and valuable services by uniting people and technology.
  • We will build solid partnerships with our clients based on trust.
Commitment to our employees
  • The limitless potential of our employees is our greatest resource and we will support the education and training needed for each employee’s growth.
  • We will provide opportunities fairly, and will match compensation and new growth opportunities to demonstrated results and ability.
Commitment to society and our shareholders
  • We strive to raise shareholder value and contribute to the progress of society by growing our business.

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Corporate Vision

Origin of our Business


transcosmos’s original goal has been to deliver highly valuable services by uniting people with technology through “scheme.” “People” refers to highly-skilled professionals who can offer considerate services that meet and exceed client expectations, whilst “technology” means the world’s cutting-edge technologies that enable us to deliver value to our clients. transcosmos will continue to raise the bar of the Origin of our Business which is to create business processes that best match each client’s needs by combining “people & technology.”
Since our foundation, transcosmos has been delivering highly valuable services by uniting “people” and “technology” through “scheme.” transcosmos believes that developing highly skilled professionals is important for both our employees and for us as a company. Under this belief, we are leading initiatives to help our people develop, grow and enhance their abilities.

Service Philosophy

Operational Excellence

Embracing global market diversity, transcosmos always selects “people & technology” which best suits each local market with the aim of building and offering our excellent business operations to each client. For transcosmos, Operational Excellence is where our speedy, cost-effective and accurate operational capabilities ensure that clients have highly competitive business processes that ultimately become the source of their competitive strengths. Being a BPO provider who optimizes their business processes and drives their transformation, transcosmos advocates this Operational Excellence as our service philosophy.

Corporate Message

Global Digital Transformation Partner

As digital technology continues to evolve, consumer touchpoints with businesses have diversified and consumer influence on businesses has become more powerful than ever before. At the same time, industrial borders have become vague as new players, focusing on the cutting-edge technology, continue to emerge. Now, in order to adopt to the changing business environment and to support our clients’ transformation, transcosmos provides two new suites of services, tapping into the digital technology.

First is the services that support improving customer experience by removing the barrier between marketing, sales and support to centralize diversified consumer touchpoints. Integrating our long-standing, proven know-how on consumer communication and digital technology with our global service network, transcosmos aims to become the one and only partner who can work with the clients to drive their initiatives to improve customer loyalty as well as to expand their sales and profits.

Second is the services that support digitalization of clients’ internal business processes to respond to digitalized market and consumers. Leveraging the digital technology-based automation and the digital platform, transcosmos develops a simple business process together with the clients and supports its operation.

transcosmos continues to support clients’ transformation by seamlessly connecting those two suites of services. As one transcosmos, we endeavor to become the trustful Global Digital Transformation Partner for all our clients.

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