Environmental Initiatives

In an effort to comply with our clients’ green supply chain requirements, our Tokyo main office and Osaka head office both have obtained “ISO14001” certification, which is the international standard for environmental management systems. With those certificates in place, transcosmos will continue with our effort to maintain our environmental activities throughout our business operations both within and outside of the organization.

Environmental Policy
Basic Policy

As the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” who assists clients in increasing their customer loyalty, expanding sales and profits, and their digital business transformation, transcosmos engages in environmental protection and conservation initiatives. We are committed to contributing to the continued development of a sustainable society.
In an effort to adhere to such fundamental environmental principles, transcosmos engages in environmental management initiatives based on the following business policies in our business activities and practices:

  • 1. Regulatory Compliance
    We will comply with all laws, regulations and other requirements related to environmental protection.
  • 2. Promotion of Green Businesses
    We will promote our services that help design and digitalize green business processes.
  • 3. Continuous Environmental Improvement
    We will set environmental goals and promote continuous improvement of the environment through our environmental management system.
  • 4. Environment Pollution Prevention
    To avoid having a negative impact on the environment, we will proactively deploy products and services that utilize recycled resources in an effort to reduce waste.
  • 5. Promotion of Energy and Resource Conservation
    We will seek to create a recycling-based society by reducing, reusing and recycling energy and resources.
  • 6. Full-publication and Disclosure of our Environmental Policy
    We will ensure that our employees are fully aware of these policies, and make our environmental policy available to the public, as well as maintain communication with the public.
Registration Information
Certification Standards ISO 14001:2015/JIS Q 14001:2015
Certificate Number JQA-EM6671
Organization transcosmos inc.
Registration Date March 11, 2011
Last Renewal Date February 18, 2020
Last Revision Date December 3, 2021
Expiry Date February 17, 2023
Certification body Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Associated Organization Headquarters
Osaka Head Office
Environmental Management System (Enhancement System)

Each organization within the company is pursuing environmental enhancement through formulation of environmental enhancement systems, and with environmental load-reducing measures related to their respective business characteristics.

Environmental Management System (Enhancement System)

Environmental Management Systems (EMS Implementation & Enhancement Scheme)

At transcosmos, as an initiative to improve the environment, each business function has set up its own system to reduce the negative cost to the environment arising from the nature of its business.

Key Initiatives
  • Environmental Goals
    We have established our corporate goals that aim to retain and improve the global environment whilst propelling our business activities through the adequate use of environmental management system.
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  • Environmental Goals by Function
    Each business function runs the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to achieve their respective environmental goals.
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  • Environmental Improvement through Business Activities
    We are committed to be an environmentally friendly business. In particular, we have been taking part in business activities that would lead to better environment, including environmentally-friendly services and assistance to our clients’ environmental initiatives.
  • Eco-Cap Movement (send used plastic bottle caps to NPO ECOCAP)
    We collect and send used plastic bottle caps to ECOCAP, a Japanese non-profit organization.
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  • Employee Education
    We have been raising environmental awareness among our employees through e-learning programs and internal newsletters, etc.
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  • Environmental Data
    We have also been engaging in environmental conservation activities by keeping up to date with and managing the current status of various environmental data on the amount of resources consumed and emissions from our business activities.
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  • Beach Cleanup Activity
    We are involved in beach cleanup activities to protect and conserve the environment.
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  • Okinawa Rail Protection
    As one of our environmental conservation initiatives, we take part in Okinawa Rail (Gallirallus okinawae) Protection activities.
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  • Paper recycling with “PaperLab”
    We have implemented “PaperLab,” a papermaking system developed by Epson that turns waste paper into new paper. By reducing paper purchasing volume, we are striving to reduce the environmental burden.
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