E-Commerce Management Services: Ticket-based E-Commerce Management

About Ticket-based E-Commerce Management

Our e-commerce management services are specifically designed to help you run successful e-commerce websites after building and enhancing your sites. The ticket-based e-commerce management services - a minimum service plan - are here to help businesses who face challenges in making their sites better or in managing their sites. With our ticket-based e-commerce management services, you can solve your specific problems right away, without making any changes to your current operational framework.

Ticket-based E-Commerce Management Details

Help you solve operational challenges right away.

We offer one-hour e-commerce management services for one ticket, and help you solve your operational problems. Once you buy tickets for a month, you can ask for our services for Shopify-related operations and front-end customer services up to the limit of your tickets. The number of tickets your need ranges depending on the nature and complexity of your issue. Our ticket-based services are perfect for those who want to solve an immediate issue right away, need expert help, face a resource shortage for a specific task, and more.

Ticket-based E-Commerce Management DetailsTicket-based E-Commerce Management Details

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Ticket-based E-Commerce Management Distinctive Features & Strengths

One ticket for one hour. Our support team solves your operational challenge right away.

Building on our abundant record and experience in not just building a Shopify store, but also in managing mid-to large-scale websites, transcosmos expert team helps your site management operations for one hour with one ticket. Leveraging our experience, we offer the right services tailored to your needs among various front-end operations. Our services include Shopify-related operations such as running your store and checking specifications, competitor and social networking surveys to find out how they attract customers, as well as content creation such as banners and e-newsletters. Our skilled experts with proven records in solving challenges and enhancing operational efficiency address your challenges to ensure your brand safety.

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Ticket-based E-Commerce Management Benefits

Solve your immediate challenges, and focus on your Attack strategies.

Front-end operations cover diverse areas. Our services help you focus on your priority initiatives such as expanding sales, instead of being swamped with routine tasks. Let us work on operations that require expert knowledge and one-off operations to make you focus on your Attack strategies. Our ticket-based services save your time for vendor management as well as for any internal approval process for outsourcing tasks to solve your challenges, thereby making it easier to manage your budget.

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