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Global E-Commerce Platform Provided by the transcosmos Group

Integrated E-Commerce Platform transcosmos eCommerce HUB

transcosmos’s eCommerce HUB is an integrated e-commerce platform that is filled with over 50 years of IT outsourcing operational excellence. Seamlessly links the systems required for e-commerce business at real-time. Moreover, the platform satisfies clients’ diverse needs by closely integrating logistics, payment, advertising and all other essential services.

transcosmos eCommerce HUB

transcosmos eCommerce HUB service

transcosmos Wins the First “Magento Gold Partner” Certification in Japan

transcosmos has been certified as the first Japanese “Magento Gold Solution Partner”. A Magento Gold Solution Partner is well-versed in providing implementation support including e-commerce website planning, design and development, and operation on “Magento”, the e-commerce platform used on over 250,000 online stores around the globe. transcosmos works on planning, design, developing e-commerce storefronts and develops systems to build multi-language e-commerce websites by leveraging our global offices located in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Furthermore, transcosmos supports e-commerce website operation, leveraging the know-how which VAIMO gained through implementing and operating “Magento” for 400 websites.


One of the Best E-Commerce One Stop Services Companies in Europe and the United States PFSweb

Winner of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud 2016 Delivery Partner of the Year Award PFSweb

NASDAQ listed PFSweb, the leading e-commerce one-stop services company in the United States, offers one-stop services ranging from developing e-commerce system to promotion, in addition to providing fulfillment and customer support services from its own warehouse and back-office support services including payment processing. In 2008, PFSweb formed a strategic solution partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), and has a track record of providing services for over 40 companies in Europe and the United States. PFSweb also provides e-commerce solutions utilizing global standard e-commerce platforms, including Oracle Commerce, Magento, SAPhybris and IBM WebSphere Commerce.

salesforce commerce cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a world standard e-commerce platform which is used on more than 1,100 websites by 250 companies around the world, with a focus on retail businesses.

Oracle Commerce、Magento、SAPhybris、IBM WebSphere Commerce

European E-Commerce Solutions Company VAIMO

MAGENTO 2015 EMEA E-Commerce Solution Partner of the Year Award

VAIMO is an e-commerce support company specializing in e-commerce solutions development for the “Magento” e-commerce platform. Since its formation in 2008, the company has launched over 400 e-commerce websites. VAIMO has been awarded by Magento as the leading e-commerce solution partner in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region. In addition, it has sales and development bases in Sweden, the United Kingdom and South Africa. Utilizing development resources in Kiev (Ukraine) and Tallinn (Estonia), VAIMO develops about 100 websites annually for clients in Europe and the United States with over 150 developers.


Used on 250,000 e-commerce websites around the world, Magento is the open source e-commerce website developing platform which owns the No.1 market share in the world with combining know-how and operational performance.

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