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transcosmos has been providing services in China for 20 years, accumulating vast experience with e-commerce operations for over 50 companies. Through strong partnerships with major Chinese businesses, we support clients’ e-commerce business expansion considering Chinese culture and characteristics.
Since its entry into Taiwan in 2016, transcosmos has been offering its e-commerce one-stop services to clients via various channels that include their own e-commerce websites, e-commerce shopping malls, and e-commerce retail stores.

transcosmos named FIVE STAR SERVICE PROVIDER by TMALL, the largest online marketplace in China, for its superior e-commerce operations

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions Award

Services for the Chinese Market Services for the Chinese Market 天猫 YAHOO!奇摩 momo購物網 PChome Shopee UNQ JD.COM 聚美优品 唯品会 天猫国際 LAZADA GROUP

E-Commerce Outsourcing Companies in China (Group of transcosmos)

China’s Largest Apparel E-Commerce Support Company, Offering Online-to-Offline (O2O) Measurement
Magic Panda

China’s largest e-commerce support company for apparel brands. MAGIC PANDA provides merchandizing, branding, marketing and customer support services, and executes O2O initiatives connecting off-line and on-line stores. Received TMALL Gold certification, the highest ranking award for four consecutive years.

China’s Leading Digital Agency in Top 3 on Media Buying
Tensyn Interactive

Tensyn Interactive is a leading digital agency listed on ChinaNext, which is for China’s venture enterprise market. It occupies the top three positions in media buying (purchasing of ad slots) for major portal websites and video websites in the Chinese market.

Major Achievements in China and Taiwan

transcosmos has been delivering the one-stop services to major companies in Japan, China as well as Europe and the United States for their global e-commerce developments. We have accomplished numerous achievements focused on fields such as apparel, consumer products, and toys.

Case Study

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Supported to launch a store on “TMALL” China’s largest e-commerce mall

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Delivers Facebook / LINE ads for Taiwanese consumers






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The E-Commerce Market Trends in China (Results of FY2017 E-Commerce Market Survey by METI)

The market size of e-commerce in China is approximately 11.7 times of Japan. Since China’s market has been growing every year, its domestic e-commerce sales in FY 2017 is approximately $111.5 billion US dollars (122 trillion yen) [35.1% increase from the previous year].

The Internet population of China is 7.38 billion people, accounting for one-fifth of the world, but the Internet penetration rate is still developing (83.5% in Japan, whereas China is 53.2%). Due to such aspects including the increase in average income, improvement of the online environment, and the increase in the number of smartphone users, the market is expected to further expand.

Along with this trend, the market of cross-border e-commerce with 70 million users in China has been gaining attention. A leading e-commerce company, Alibaba, recorded the highest sales of 168.2 billion yuan (approximately 2.87 trillion yen) in “Singles’ Day” on November 11, 2017.

Particularly, Japanese products are popular in cross-border e-commerce markets and ranked #1 sales by country for two consecutive years.

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