Global E-Commerce One-Stop Network

We secure sales space in major e-commerce malls, websites, and retailers around the world by aggressively partnering with and investing in players focusing on the growing e-commerce market. transcosmos provides clients’ products and services in 48 countries/regions around the globe through closely working together with prominent local e-commerce outsourcing companies.

* Countries with E-Commerce One-Stop Service
Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, India, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia

E-Commerce One-Stop NetworkE-Commerce One-Stop Network Japan China Taiwan Korea Thailand Malaysia Singapore Indonesia U.S Brazil/Mexico/Argentina/Colombia/Chile Sweden  Omni-Channel and SNS Service


amazonRakutenYAHOO! shoppingWowma!PayPay

Leading e-commerce shopping malls in Japan


E-commerce shopping mall
- the home of masterpieces -

Geek Jack

A cross-border e-commerce website
- A gem for Japanese character items -


China’s Largest E-Commerce mall


Cross-border e-commerce websites
targeting Chinese market


Wholesales and distribution company targeting major Chinese e-commerce retailers


China’s major e-commerce retailers

Magic Panda

China’s Largest Apparel e-commerce support company

●South Korea


South Korea’s largest e-commerce mall


YAHOO! 奇摩momo購物網PChomeShopee

Taiwan’s leading e-commerce retailer



Thailand’s major e-commerce retailers



Malaysia’s leading e-commerce retailer


transcosmos Commerce

E-commerce subsidiary in Indonesia


Indonesia’s leading online marketplace



Delivers superior and attractive Japanese products to global market


Singapore’s major
e-commerce retailers



European e-commerce system solutions company

●U.S. / Canada


●Mexico / Colombia / Brazil / Chile / Argentina


Latin America’s e-commerce
one-stop services company


Latin America’s
largest e-commerce marketplace


Mexico and Brazil’s leading e-commerce retailer

transcosmos’s Omni-Channel and SNS Service


A leading fintech player offers payment platform including mobile POS terminals and mobile wallets for retail and logistics companies in Asian countries
Delivers effective omni-channel marketing solutions such as ads, coupons, loyalty points, and chat by leveraging payment data


Delivers "Gotcha!mall", a platform which connects consumers with stores and brands, in Japan and ASEAN
Using a capsule toy gimmick (mini vending machine), drives consumers’ “store visits, purchases, and re-visits” via their smartphones

social gear

Sells and operates Facebook and Instagram ads around the globe
Optimizes Facebook ads / Instagram ads utilizing “social gear Ads+”, the ads management service

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