Enhancing Service Quality

transcosmos’s constant growth to date is the manifestation that our management philosophy has successfully been permeated throughout our operational bases ever since the company’s foundation and is reflected in our daily operations. We believe that understanding our clients’ needs and offering services that exceed their expectation will assist them to success. Therefore, we have been taking various initiatives to enhance our overall quality of services by developing and making effective use of intelligent platforms with information on service quality that benefits each Service function. Our continuous efforts towards the enhancement of our service quality is the foundation of transcosmos in offering services that exceed our clients’ expectation.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

To provide our clients with better services, we make a concerted effort to promote service quality improvement activities (thoroughly execute the Plan-Do-Check- Act cycle).
As an example, we encourage our clients to participate in our annual customer satisfaction survey so that we can review if our clients are satisfied with our services. We heed the voice of our clients from the questionnaire and reflect their valuable comments in our business so that we can improve our service quality.
In addition, we set our own service quality assurance standards that are built upon the expertise transcosmos has developed over the years and best practices from the industry. Our on-site managers periodically (more than once a year) check whether our services meet the required conditions at each operational base before offering the services.

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We are committed to maintain trust and satisfaction of our clients, thereby making a positive contribution to social progress through our high-quality services. We will achieve this goal by continuously making our operations better each and every day with a service-minded approach.

Registration Information
ISO 9001


Certification Standards
ISO/IEC 9001:2015 / JIS Q 9001:2015
Certificate Number
transcosmos inc.
Registration Date
February 28, 2003
Last Renewal Date
February 17, 2024
Expiry Date
February 16, 2027
Certification Body
Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Scope of Registration
The Design And Management Of IT-Related Services Based On Client Requirement
The Construction And Provision Of Following Services Based On Client Requirements;
·Date Delivery
·Call Services Of Personal Information Sheet
The Management Of Engineers Providing Architectural Design Support Services Based On Client Requirement
The Management Of Engineers Providing Architectural Design Support Services And Management Of IT-Related Services And Support Of Architectural Design And Development Of Embedded System Based On Client Requirement
The Creation And Maintenance Of Web-Site And Management Of Engineers Providing Web-Site Creation Services At Customer Sites Based On Client Requirement
The Development Of System And System Operation Based On Client Requirement
The Recruiting For Call Center Services Based On Client Requirement
Associated Organization
【BPO Services Headquarters】
  • Business Process Innovation Sector
    • ・Business Smart Sourcing Services Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • ・BPO Center Kawaguchi
      • ・BPO Center Yokohama
      • ・BPO Center Nishi-Umeda
      • ・BPO Center Osaka Hommachi
      • ・BPO Center Osaka Hommachi Higashi
      • ・BPO Center Naha
      • [(2)]
    • ・Corporate Back Office Transformation Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • [(1)]
    • ・Sales Logistics Transformation Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • ・Osaka Head Office
      • [(1)]
    • ・Business IT Transformation Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • ・Chubu Branch Office
      • ・Osaka Head Office
      • [(1)]
      • ・BPO Center Kameido
      • [System Development Of (1)(2)(3)(4) And System Operation Of (1)(2)(3)(4)]
    • ・IT Smart Sourcing Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • [(1)]
  • Urban Engineering Service Sector
    • ・Urban Solution Services Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • ・Osaka Head Office
      • [(3)]
    • ・Engineering Transformation Service Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • ・Chubu Branch Office
      • ・Osaka Head Office
      • ・BPO Center Okinawa Uruma
      • [(4)]
【CX Business Headquarters】
  • ・Digital Interactive Business Division
      • ・Main Office
      • [(5)]
      • ・Osaka Head Office
      • [(6)]
  • Digital Customer Communication Sector
    • ・Human Resources Development Division
      • ・Headquarters
      • [(7)]
Management System

Management System

Quality Management System (Enhancement System)

Quality Management System (Enhancement System)

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Service Quality Improvement Initiatives at transcosmos Group Companies

ISO 9001 Subject place of business

transcosmos China
ISO 9001
Review Standards
ISO 9001
Certification Number
Subject Place of Business
transcosmos China (Shanghai Center 1, Shanghai Center 2)
Subject Service
Consulting, technical support, software development and E-commercial related business
Registration Date
October 28, 2009

* ISO 9001 quality policies and ISO 9001 quality management systems (EMS Implementation & Enhancement Scheme) vary by each group company to suit their respective business environment.

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