Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development Initiatives

Since our foundation, we have been delivering highly valuable services by uniting “people” and “technology” through “scheme.” We believe that developing highly skilled professionals is important for both our employees and for us as a company. Under this belief, we are leading initiatives to help our people develop, grow and enhance their abilities.

Origin of our Business people & technology

■ 401 Internal Training Programs

In support of our employees’ career and skill development, as many as 401 training programs have been made available to our employees including a new employee induction program, IT and operational skill training courses, and other optional business skill training courses.

Internal Training Programs

■ Career Consulting

With the purpose of assisting our employees to grow and develop their career and to energize our organization, we have a “Career Consulting Center.” Our career consultants assist our employees in sorting out their career concerns such as “anxious about the future” and “unsure about my career aptitude and career direction,” and encourage them to develop their career proactively.

■ transcosmos Library

To assist our employees’ intellectual productivity, we have “transcosos Library,” our internal library in our Tokyo main office building. The library stores approximately 4,500 books donated by late Shozo Okuda, who was our executive advisor. Each one of our employees can browse and borrow any books from the library using the company intranet.

transcosmos Library

■ Reward Program for 417 Recommended Qualifications

We offer an extensive reward program to assist our employees with obtaining qualifications. Under this program, an employee is awarded with the course fees and a one-time allowance if they have successfully obtain the qualifications. The program covers a wide range of areas, as many as 417 types (for the fiscal year 2019), including TOEIC, bookkeeping and Information Technology Passport Examination. By combining the program with our internal, optional business school classes, our employees will be able to develop their skills without incurring huge costs.

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Employee Communication

We listen to the voice of our employees from each Service function by using various channels (ES Survey, Engagement Survey, eNPS Survey, etc.), and make use of their opinions collected from those surveys to implement workplace improvements and to develop new ideas.

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