Compliance Behavior Policy

We continue to provide IT specialized information and communication technologies, in compliance with the “Charter of Corporate Behavior*” to engage in fair disclosure of information on our corporate activities and proactively implement social contribution activities as a respectable corporate citizen.
*The Carter of Corporate Behavior asks to comply with the letter and spirit of the relevant domestic and international laws and regulations and international rules, and to fulfill their social responsibility with a strong sense of ethical values.

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Compliance Codes of Conduct

  • As a respectable corporate citizen, we are committed to contribute to the development of our society. To that end, we will continue to carry out a variety of activities that include the promotion of culture and arts, cooperation with local communities, participation in volunteering, and making a contribution to the international society.
  • In compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, we will disclose to our shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders our management information, including financial standings and the status of our business activities in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • We will endeavor to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, respect everyone’s human rights, and never engage in discriminatory conduct of any kind.

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Compliance Behavior Goals

With the ultimate goal of increasing our value as a socially responsible company, we will always meet the needs of our society, clients and employees, thereby establishing a business foundation that is trusted and relied on by all.

Compliance Behavior Goals

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Compliance Point of Contact for Reporting & Consultation

In addition to a whistleblowing helpline, we have a workplace harassment hotline and a general compliance hotline for our employees to report and consult on their compliance-related concerns.

Organization for Reporting and Consultation Services on Compliance

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Compliance Promotion Framework (Org Chart)

Org Chart

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Initiatives for Fair Business Conduct

■ transcosmos Business Ethics

Not only have we been making sure that our business conduct is compliant with the laws and regulations of Japan and foreign countries, but we are also reminded ourselves that we must conduct ourselves with respect for the social code of ethics. For example, to be a respectable corporate citizen, we proactively involve ourselves in CSR activities in an effort to contribute to social development and engage in various environmental conservation initiatives. We also avoid being involved in political funding or donation, or carrying out election campaigns or political activities without carefully considering the necessity and relevance of such activities, and if we decide to proceed with those activities, we make sure that our conduct follows the legitimate procedure and is in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. By equipping ourselves with the basic legal knowledge, having a sense of justice and fully appreciating the social norm, we prevent ourselves from contravening the laws and regulations or involving with anti-social forces. Our conduct must be carried out in a socially acceptable manner. And we will not involve ourselves with anti-social forces or groups and never submit to any demand made by them.

To put the above into practice, we use training programs and periodically published materials in an effort to encourage our employees to improve and uphold their sense of business ethics and to make them fully aware of those ethics. Our top management is constantly reviewing and developing internal systems in order to make the systems work effectively so that our business ethics are permeated throughout the organization.

■ Fair Competition & Trading
・Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontracting Act

We compete in a fair and open manner, avoiding any conduct that might suggest violation of the anti-monopoly act such as bid-rigging, cartel activities and abuse of a superior bargaining power. We always deal with our suppliers with a degree of decency and integrity, and treat all of our suppliers and business partners equally and fairly. We make sure that none of the potential suppliers and business partners who go through our supplier and partner selection process are given any preferential treatment, and our business with those suppliers and partners is always with a degree of decency and integrity in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

・Protection Against Unfair Competition and Gifts & Entertainment Policy

We strictly prohibit misappropriation or use of any trade secret of other companies through unlawful means such as stealing and acquisition or use of such information knowing or constructively knowing that the information has been or has likely to have been obtained by unlawful means. We also prohibit entertainment for and gifts to civil servants or persons with a similar status. If we are to entertain our business partners or exchange gifts with them, we have the rule that the value of such entertainment or gifts must be within a reasonable amount by reference to socially acceptable standards.

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Act on the Protection of Personal Information and PrivacyMark

As society becomes increasingly information-driven, it has become far easier to access, use and process huge amounts of personal information at scale, making it crucial for all businesses to handle personal information securely and appropriately. Since the Act on the Protection of Personal Information entered into full force in April 2005, business owners are required to enforce stricter measures to protect personal information they process more than ever.
We obtained PrivacyMark certification in February 2003, recognized for our daily efforts to protect the personal information we handle for business purposes through operating a personal information protection management system that we have established. With the system in place, all people involved in our business activities always take appropriate measures to keep personal information safe and secure.

(Visit here to find out more about our Personal Information Protection Policy, which sets out our fundamental policy relating to the handling of personal information.)

We are committed to delivering secure and reliable services to our clients by maintaining and upgrading our services.

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PrivacyMark Certification

Registered information

Registration number
Registration date
February 5, 2003
Validity period
February 5, 2023 to February 4, 2025 *PrivacyMark requires certification renewal every two years.
Assessment bodies
Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA)
Conferring Agency
Certified Private Information Protection Corporation

The PrivacyMark System is operated by JIPDEC (formally known as Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community), a non-profit, accredited personal information protection organization in Japan. The system assesses and certifies private enterprises that handle personal information appropriately based on criteria specified by the Japanese Industrial Standards, JIS Q 15001:2017 Personal Information Protection Management System – Requirements. To receive PrivacyMark certification, private enterprises must meet the PrivacyMark System requirements that set even stricter standards for handling personal information than the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

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