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E-Commerce One-Stop Center

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Strength of One-Stop Center

Operational Excellence

transcosmos realizes seamless communication in operational processes and improves “Operational Excellence” through centralizing e-commerce operational functions in One-Stop Center. We execute “Real-Time Marketing” to streamline sales and marketing processes to expand clients’ sales in this dynamic market while rapidly improving operational processes from consumers’ perspective to optimize “Customer Experience”.

E-Commerce One-Stop Center

Photo Shoot of the Products

  • Photo shoot clients’ products without any lead-time. Use models and shoot photos according to the Website design to make the best appeal of the products.

Research and Analysis

  • Analysis specialists visualize challenges / solutions and strategically develop specific measures such as retention measures required for business expansion, cross-sell and upsell.

E-Commerce Website Design and Management

  • Execute daily operation such as E-Commerce Website designing and uploading product on E-Commerce Website according to clients’ brand strategy.

Web Promotion

  • Plan and operate internet promotion for customer acquisition and execute retention measures for customer retention based on customer data analysis.

Customer Support

  • Respond to product inquiries, claims, inventory checking, returns and cancellation requests from the consumers via multi-channel (call, email, SNS)

Order Management / Inventory Management

  • Operate ordering related administrative tasks in the optimum manner based on the clients’ product inventory level.

E-Commerce Logistics

  • Provide high-quality logistics operation service by controlling the tasks from receiving, storing to shipping of clients’ products in the optimum way.
    Support overseas shipping process and international delivery.

E-Commerce One-Stop Center

transcosmos provides value-added services for distribution processing to meet brand requirements (gift wrapping, enclosing message cards, etc.), in addition to fulfillment service until the products reach the hands of consumers (quality storage, packing, shipping). With eCommerce HUB, which adheres to the operational know-how fostered as an outsourcer, we can provide efficient operations. International shipping services are also available to satisfy globalized logistics. Customers’ precious products are delivered all over the world by handling administrative tasks such as invoicing and customs paperwork.

One of the Best E-Commerce One-Stop Services Companies in Europe and the United States

E-Commerce One-Stop Center PFSweb

The largest company in e-commerce one-stop services industry in the United States, listed on NASDAQ. In addition to providing fulfillment service with its own warehouse and back-office services such as customer support and payment processing, the company provides a wide range of services from developing e-commerce systems to system operation for over 150 clients.The total working space is approximately 193,000 square meters, approximately equivalent to 4.1 times the size of Tokyo Dome which boasts the largest seating capacity in Japan.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Company Having Sales Channels with E-Commerce Retailers in Singapore as well as India and ASEAN Countries

E-Commerce One-Stop Center Anchanto

Provides cross-border e-commerce fulfillment services to and from Singapore and other countries, in addition to local e-commerce fulfillment services in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Furthermore, the company carries out sales activities for e-commerce retailers in various parts of ASEAN, such as Flipkart and Snapdeal, the largest two in India and major ASEAN firms including Lazada and Qoo10. The service ranges from storing clients' products in inventory, product registration, FDA application to inventory management.

Latin America’s E-Commerce One-Stop Services Company

E-Commerce One-Stop Center emporiocommerce

Provides store opening support for e-commerce malls and websites including MercadoLibre, Latin America’s largest e-commerce marketplace and LINIO, the leading e-commerce retailer in the region. Also offers e-commerce one-stop support services ranging from e-commerce website development, fulfillment, customer service, online marketing to payment in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

Latin America’s E-Commerce One-Stop Services Company

E-Commerce One-Stop Center infra.commerce

As an e-commerce one-stop services provider with a focus on Brazil and Mexico, the company offers extensive e-commerce related services ranging from developing e-commerce websites, supporting store openings on Brazil’s local online marketplaces, fulfillment, online marketing to customer care. Infracommerce serves various global brands across industries ranging from fashion, consumer products to beverages.

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