LGBTQ Inclusion

With the aim of offering a workplace where all people are treated fairly, actively engaged as themselves, and creating organizational synergy, transcosmos is driving efforts to increase LGBTQ* allies and to create a pleasant workplace for all by fostering better understanding of LGBTQ (sexual minorities) and SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) among all employees.

*LGBTQ is an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (used to describe someone whose gender does not match the body they were born with), and queer or questioning. It is an umbrella term which refers to sexual minorities.

Change Perceptions & Foster Inclusive Workplace

We are facilitating a better understanding of LGBTQ among employees.

●Internal training course to facilitate a better understanding of LGBTQ

Since FY2022/3, we are offering an LGBTQ training course (e-learning) for managers to make them learn and comprehend the basic knowledge of, and the current social attitudes towards LGBTQ, and personally commit to creating a harassment-free workplace. In FY2024/3, we expanded the scope of the training to include all full-time employees.

LGBTQ training course (e-learning)

●LGBTQ Forum for managers

During Pride Month 2023 (June), we held an LGBTQ Forum for officers and managers to help them understand LGBTQ people and realize the need for creating a pleasant workplace for all. The forum was held in Tokyo and Osaka as well as via an online channel.


●LGBTQ training course for recruitment team members

We offer an LGBTQ training course designed for our recruitment team members. In addition to the basics about LGBTQ, participants learn how they can make a more inclusive hiring and onboarding process for LGBTQ people. Members can also take the course via e-learning as needed.

LGBTQ training course

●LGBTQ workshop for all employees (voluntary participation)

With the aim of creating a pleasant and inclusive workplace where all employees are actively engaged, we hold a series of LGBTQ workshops where employees watch LGBTQ-related films together, and discuss their insights and views, inspiring them to think more about LGBTQ communities and people.

●LGBTQ Hotline (transcosmos employees only)

We have an LGBTQ Hotline for our people with problems and anxiety about their gender identity and sexual orientation.
The hotline is available for all employees regardless of their contract types.


We are using LGBTQ+ ALLY HANDBOOK created by Coca-Cola(Japan) Company, Limited. With the aim of creating workplaces free of prejudice and discrimination, Coca-Cola(Japan) has compiled this handbook to support and assist LGBTQ people. To promote understanding of LGBTQ communities, Coca-Cola(Japan) also offers the handbook to companies and organizations across all industries and sectors.
At transcosmos, every one of our people is working towards making their workplaces better.


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Social Activities

We participate in social activities to support LGBTQ communities.

●Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Our DE&I Promotion team joined the Pride Parade on Sunday, April 23, 2023, during Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023 event.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride

●Tokyo Rainbow Pride Supporter & Sponsor

We are a sponsor of TPR2023, an LGBTQ-related event hosted by a non-profit organization, Tokyo Rainbow Pride. We agree with TRP2023’s goal of realizing a truly inclusive and accepting society for all, and its belief that in a truly equitable and happy future society, everyone, including LGBTQ individuals, must be treated with respect and dignity.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023

Tokyo Rainbow Pride Supporter & Sponsor

●Business for Marriage Equality Supporter

In April 2023, we expressed our support for Business for Marriage Equality, a campaign by three non-profit organizations active in Japan to visualize companies that support marriage equality (legalization of same-sex marriage).

Business for Marriage Equality

Business for Marriage Equality

●EqualityActJapan Supporter

In April 2023, we declared our support for a campaign by four organizations active in Japan working for the introduction of a national LGBT Equality Act.



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