Top commitment

In transcosmos Group, more than 70,000 people with diverse backgrounds in terms of gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation and identity, and disability are actively engaged in our business across 28 countries and regions.
It has never been more important to create workplaces with a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion—DE&I—where all people feel their unique talents matter and are treated fairly with equal opportunities for success.

Firstly, DE&I leads to a stronger competitive edge.
Our growth pillar will continue to shift towards the global market. To compete and win over global competitors, innovative ideas that only emerge from diverse perspectives and values are essential. In other words, making strategies and decisions driven only by one set of values could cause a fatal impact in this increasingly uncertain world.

Secondly, DE&I is important for us to meet expectations in the context of sustainability.
Today, each stakeholder has different expectations for companies. As a company that runs business with a large number of people, we believe our stakeholders have high expectations for us to create workplaces where a diverse range of people can thrive. By meeting this particular expectation, we can raise our non-financial corporate value.

Thirdly, DE&I is also important in enhancing employee engagement.
We prioritize people engagement because we are committed to being a company where each and every individual is fully motivated and passionate about their work. We believe that by offering an environment where all people with each differing personalities feel welcomed and perform to their full potential, they feel more proud of their work, and more involved in our business. Ultimately, they will achieve higher results, and thus feel even more motivated, creating a virtuous spiral.

Therefore, DE&I is a top management priority for us today. And to achieve DE&I in our workplaces, each and every one of our people must change their mindsets and behaviors. Although we have been working on DE&I initiatives, we cannot reach our vision overnight. Under the new management framework, we will fully support DE&I initiatives and take steady steps towards the goal as a company. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our DE&I initiatives.

Takeshi Kamiya
Representative Director & Co-president

DE&I Mission, Vision & Scope

transcosmos has set out the following mission, vision and the scope of five priority themes to drive DE&I at our workplace.

  • Mission: Achieve sustainable business and employee growth, and further contribute to our clients and society.
  • Vision:
    Embed diversity, equity & inclusion in our DNA to become an organization where all employees are motivated and can maximize their abilities.

Five priority themes

  • 1. Gender Equality
  • 2. Disability Inclusion
  • 3. LGBTQ Inclusion
  • 4. Sustainable Work Culture & Employee Well-being
  • 5. Cultural Inclusion